Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Constant Companions

Do you have an entourage? Someone or something that is always hanging around?  Since I've been home, a few things have become my constant companions...
Let's see....my water bottle is always filled and near by...my glasses are close at hand..unless I've left them someplace..(not that I do that a lot..) my Kindle that's usually filled with books and access to blogs and Facebook.  The other item pictured is a rice filled bag that my Mom made me a few years ago. I can throw it into the microwave and have instant warm comfort for my back, neck, legs, whatever.  At the beginning of my recovery I always had ice packs too.  I wasn't allowed to put heat on the knees. Since our temps have been so cold I'm glad I only have to resort to ice a few times when I've been on my feet a lot.  I'm always hauling these items from room to room and in another month I'll be back at work and they will come with me...I can't go to break or lunch without a good book to read and water is always a staple....the rice pack will stay at home.  Along the way I've picked up a few other "peeps"...
A frequent visitor to feeder....Daddy bird
Not so colorful Momma bird is not far behind.
Squeak is hanging around too....finding some warm sunshine during this crazy Winter has been hard but she manages to warm her buns...
Then flips over for her face!  I don't blame her.  If it's sunny out, even if it's cold I'll try and go out and feel the vitamin D on my face too! Another way of bringing some Spring inside are my other fav companions:
Some fresh flowers are nice and cheery.
These tulips are enjoying the sunny window but the outside is still a Winter wonderland.  This weekend finally warmed up to almost 30de...whew, a heat wave! I made a big pot of chicken and noodles.
That warmed the soul and the belly! But my favorite companion this weekend was this little gal...very excited to have lost her first tooth!
Addy said she can now breath since that tooth is gone...she cracks me up!  Hope you have some good "constants" in your day too!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear YaYa! It's great to hear from you today. It's a good thing your therapist didn't recommend boring a hole in your ice covered backyard pool and submerging yourself in the cold water for an hour as a way to promote the healing of your knees. You might have needed to seek a second opinion. :)

I have male and female cardinals at my feeder and love to watch them. They are very acrobatic, able to fly at lightning speed deep into a bush without getting a scratch. I also have mourning doves, woodpeckers and other species of birds, even three foot tall honking sand cranes.

You've got the right idea. When you get cabin fever in the middle of winter, elevate your spirits instantly with the sight and fresh scent of floral arrangements.

Thanks for showing the latest pics of Squeak and please give Eddy a foot long hot dog smothered in pickle relish the next time you see him.

Take care, dear friend YaYa, and God bless!

betty said...

I love your grand daughter's smile with losing her first tooth :) Cute constants you have with you too; I think I carry my cell phone from room to room, that's about my only constant here :)


Cindy said...

You are definitely making the most of some cabin fever!! I hope that our not-so-mild winter is helping you slow down and recover completely. It won't be long, now -- Sunday is March 1st! Your granddaughter is a cutie pie -- even minus one tooth!

Julia said...

I have some of the same companions but no Kindle...

I had a pair of Cardinals hanging around my feeders but I haven't seen them since i came back from Ottawa. So many storms and cold may have them gone to another feeder. I hope they come back.

Your granddaughter looks mighty proud of loosing that baby tooth.

Hang in there, I'm sure they miss you at the OR.
Be good.

rosaria williams said...

Definitely important items. I carry my smart phone with me every place, for easy access to the net, Facebook, blogs, and messaging on the run to and from.

Nonnie said...

I am surrounded on all sides in my favorite chair and even on the ottoman in front of me. We are so spoiled to have access to the world outside from our devices.

Your granddaughter is beautiful with that happy smile. What is it about losing those teeth that is so much fun when we are kids? (oh, I remember. The tooth fairy.)

You picked a great time to have surgery and time off. Take care! The flowers are beautiful.

Munir said...

I love your companions.
Your grand daughter must be happy to get the goodies and the cash left by Tooth Fairy. I hope that she believes in the Tooth Fairy.

I hope that you are all better by now. I heard post op. pain gets worse in cold.
Take care of yourself.

acorn hollow said...

Oh how you will miss your time at home. I lug water around all the time I feel like I am always dry as dust.

joanne said...

you seem to be in good company and happy spirits, I hope that means you are healing well and are up and around more each day.

Hilary said...

I totally get the not wanting to use ice feeling. I have an issue with my back for which I'm supposed to ice for a bit .. then heat. The heat part feels REAL good but the ice.. ugh!

I'm glad you're on the mend though and sound so upbeat about things.

My companions are the camera and cell phone. And as long as I can get to my computer, I'm good to go.

Your grand is just adorable.

Stacy Crawford said...

I carry around a water bottle too. Love the fruit infused water. Wish I could read a good book during the day, but not at the expense of having a surgery.

selvageedge said...

Wow, time flies. I cannot believe that you have been recovering for 2 months now! Your birdies are beautiful and so is Addy. Happy reading!

Rick Watson said...

Yes I have those too. I put them in the same place every time they leave my pocket so that I always know where they are.

I had a Nexus which I carried my Kindle books on, but Google did an upgrade that turned it into a brick.
I bought an iPad and all is happy in the book reading world now.

My great nephew Jordan lost a tooth a while back, and it was a BIG deal to him too. Kids are so funny.

Sweet Tea said...

So glad you're recovering nicely. Loved the photo of your sweet Addy. Losing the first tooth is a BIG deal. I bet the Tooth Fairy will be very good to her.

CHERI said...

Lately my companions have been my favorite throw and a cup of hot cappuccino! So happy to hear you are recovering well and soon will be back at your work. Please come visit my blog sometimes now that I'm back online. I too just today posted a red bird picture. They have been all over our birdfeeder today. Stay warm!

CatieAn said...

gosh you are back to work in a month? seems like it went by fast. I am sure you don't think so since you had to work so hard to get better in all this time. I love your little cardinals. We don't have them in our area so they are wonderful to see. Our cats have been laying about in the sunshine as well.....it feels so good to just snuggle up and soak up the warmth.....ours is coming soon.