Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Bees Knees

Friday morning found me on on the other side of the operating table. I had bilateral total knee replacement. I've been having problems for a long time. I decided in the fall to finally take care of it.Everything went good and now it's the healing process. I'll be off work for 3 months. Once I start feeling better I'll be a bit stir crazy. Today however, I just want to go home and and try to move forward. Actually, I'm hoping to move at all!
Friday afternoon after surgery
The final project.
Going home in a few minutes.
Whew! Glad it's over! I much prefer doing the surgery instead of having the surgery!


betty said...

At least you know what to expect with the surgery :) I hope the healing goes quickly and you are "back on your feet" as soon as you can! I am sure you will find the next 3 months goes by incredibly fast!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear sweet friend! I was thinking about you and praying that everything would turn out AOK. I am very happy to hear from you now that the worst is over and you're on the mend. I know you will put your time off to good use. Please take it slow and easy and keep us posted on your recovery.

God bless you, Kathleen!

Julia said...

Hi Yaya, I'm so glad the surgery is over too. Wow, both knees out of commission.
You'll be an expert on how it feels having both knees done.

Get yourself plenty of rest while recuperating.
Speedy recovery.

PoetessWug said...

I hope you have lots of loving help...just as you have done for your patients!...and a speedy recovery, Yaya! ♥

acorn hollow said...

Take care of yourself, read the books you have been putting off, watch those movies you have been meaning to watch and enjoy being in the house when the cold wind is blowing and the snow is falling.

Hilary said...

Oh your poor knees. Hopefully recovery will be better and quicker than you think. At least you know you have great medical care with your team. Sending healing thoughts your way. Hugs to you.

Nonnie said...

Everybody claims having both knees done is the way to go. Take care of yourself and keep us posted on your progress. I'm sure your brain will cook up a scheme or two when you get restless. I was amazed at how quickly my husband recovered from his knee surgery.

Z said...

Hope you make a speedy recovery - it'll be worth it in the end!

gin said...

3 months will be a nice vacation. Get well soon!!

111 LaLa Lane said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Debby said...

You are a brave one. Prayers for healing and moving. You look beautiful even after all that. Hugs

joanne said...

best wishes for a quick recovery. I have several friends who have had the same surgery and could not be happier with the outcome. Like being 20 again!

Rick Watson said...

I may come up there to let you supervise when I bite the bullet with my knees.
I think having insider information on the whacking team is a good thing :)
I have a feeling things would go well but it's good to get confirmation that it did.

Susan Anderson said...

Glad you're into the recovery phase now. It's always a good feeling when the surgery is over…and went well!


Willow said...

Glad to hear as I back track that this was a planned surgery and not an accident Whew . Happy you came through surgery with flying colors . I must say you look marvelous ... not just for someone that had surgery but in general ~ what a beautiful woman you are !!
Continued success with healing ~ and here's to healthy knees !
Sending all good wishes,