Sunday, June 29, 2014

Signs Of Summer

Being gone last weekend I realized I missed blogging about the beginning of Summer...the lightest day of the year! However,  I couldn't miss the signs around here.  When I saw this go up I knew we were in the thick of it:
Jack got his tent out to get it ready for tomorrow as he heads off for a week at Boy Scout camp.  It's his 25th year of scout camp and I hope the weather is's warm and humid for the beginning of the week, but looks cool and nice by the end.  He may not want to come home!
The little pool looks very forlorn out in the wilderness, but if you look closely you'll see these two little heads bobbing around:
Lexi and Addy
I laughed at this silly pic of Addy in her goggles.  She's learned how to swim under water this year and she's soooo excited! Notice the purple lips...and it's not because she ate anything purple! It was time to get out of the pool!  It was getting dark and she and her sister decided that catching these little guys was in order:
Fireflies...Lightening Bugs...whatever you call them, are out in force. I couldn't catch a pic of this guys' yellow, lite up butt!  The girls then curled up with a snack and blankets on the wicker couch on the deck to watch the light show going on in the trees of the Creepy Woods.  If you live out West, you don't see these cool guys...they do put on a fun show! The girls really loved it.
The raspberries are coming along nicely and soon it will be "jammin'" time!
We finally have our first real crop of blueberries coming on! Jack is so proud!
Green beans...check..the okra isn't doing as nice as last year, but we'll see what happens as the season goes on.  The Farmer's markets are coming on so hopefully fresh fruit and veggies will be available soon.  Hope your signs of Summer are making you smile...especially if you survived the past Winter! Bring it on!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa! WHOA! What a spectacular header! Every year there's a hot air balloon show at the airport near our house and colorful balloons sail right over us all day long. We run outside to get a good look and wave to the people riding in them.

I told you summer would eventually come to Whispering Pines! It was great to see the munchkins in that pool. If the weather for scout camp starts out warm and humid and winds up cool and pleasant that means there will be storms in between. I hope Jack and the boys don't encounter any rough stuff.

Lightning bugs are such a unique phenomenon and a wonderful part of summer. Everything seems right with the world when you are treated to nature's festival of lights as nightfall settles in. Fireflies, raspberries, blueberries, swimming all day, sleeping outdoors in a tent - all are reminders of my youth in Pennsylvania.

Look around you, there's a rainbow
In that watermelon sky
And the twinkling of a million fireflies
Let your heart keep taking pictures
That we'll share as years go by
These are happy, happy, happy
Summer days - Ronnie Dove

Have a wonderful week, dear friend YaYa, and please give Eddy an extra big hug for me.

betty said...

I like your new blog header picture! It does seem like you are settling into summer and enjoying the fruits of your labor, so to speak, with everything starting to grow in your garden!

No fireflies here indeed, but we get our share of mosquitos :)


Cindy said...

Looks like you are busy getting things checked off of that summer bucket list!! How fun!! Your grandkids must love their yaya!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

OH, summer is here alright! In all it's hot miserable would't be a California summer without the heat. It's alright..but I am always ready for Fall when September comes. The song "The waitng game" one of my favorites.
The little ones are so cute out there in the pool. Mine are all grown with with some having babes of their own.
I'm glad you are having a nice Summer, Yaya!

acorn hollow said...

Oh summer oh so fun our garden is a little behind but it will get there. The weather is wonderful and we have plans for the 4th so nice to see you post.

Julia said...

Your summer is off to a good start and I hope that your crops are heavy with the fruits of your labor.

I love the firefly show and as kids we used to catch them in a jar and look at them in the dark.They are truly amazing.
Have a fun filled summer. Tomorrow, 1st of July already, we celebrate Canada Day.


selvageedge said...

For a second there I thought I missed Balloonfest! It is nice to finally have summer in full swing. I planted a few veggies this summer, but so far I'm only seeing one tomato and one bell pepper. Hopefully they'll get productive soon.

rosaria williams said...

Oh Yaya, you do capture beauty!

Stacy Crawford said...

I love red raspberries. When I grow up and have my country house I will be planting those and blueberRies for Kyle. I hope it's not too muggy for the boys at scout camp. Can't believe jack is still going. I m glad he loves it that much. My boys are going down Thursday.

The purple lips are a sure sign of summer.

Sweet Tea said...

Lots of Summer sights there. I bet the "creepy woods" are nice and lush about now. Nothing better than watchin' sweet kido's enjoying the pool and the weather. Love it. Great photos!

Hilary said...

The kidlets are adorable and those berries look scrumptious. And I love that you've got pools and tents popping up in this growing season. :)

Rick Watson said...

Wow, your garden looks good. Ours has done well, but I've spent a lot of time fighting critters.
I think the long winter made our garden better this year.

Susan Anderson said...

You know what's crazy? i have never even seen a lightning bug. My hubby has great memories of them from his childhood in Illinois.

None for me, though.