Tuesday, June 24, 2014

One Second

Last week we headed off for Chicago to visit family and have some party time!  Craig and his family were coming in from Oregon to go to a baptism of Amy's nephew.  A few months ago we had decided to make it a  "kill many birds with one stone" type of visit.  Phil and his girls and Jack (son) and his family decided they would come too, since it's been over 2 years since they last saw Craig.  Craig had suggested that we also could celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.  Our anniversary isn't until August, but hey, I'm game for celebrating early! My sister got all excited because she wanted to put together an "event" as I call them.  Pretty decorations, tons of food, family and also tons of work for her.  I was hesitant about that part.  I just wanted simple, low key.  But I'm not one to rain on anyone's parade so I let her have her way with us!  She's amazing.  Besides all the planning and doing and cooking and freezing food ahead, she and my brother Greg and her son Bill redid my Mom's kitchen....which looks awesome!  Craig had put together a sweet DVD for us of pictures from 40 years of our married life. It turned out great! Everyone loved it and the music he chose. As I watched the movie and then all the events of this past week and weekend, I couldn't help but notice that our lives are caught in the one second of a camera click.  In that one second you could see the joy, the fun,  the sometimes sadness, the silliness, the family trips, the gatherings, the ones who are no longer with us, and the ones who have gone from newborn to all grown up with newborns of their own.  There were a lot of one second happenings going on this weekend.  The weather that had been picture perfect since Memorial Day decided it was time for storms.  We fought time and weather as we put tents up for  a "just in case" moment for Saturday's party which started at 5pm.  It was a beautiful Friday and a lovely Saturday...until 6pm when the rain, tornado and flooding occurred! Anyone who knows me knows Mother Nature loves to pull this on any outdoor event I want to have.  Dang her!  We gathered all the kiddos and families and took group pictures right up until the rains hit.  We pulled all the food indoors and all the 50 or so family members squished into Mom's little house.  The house with the amazing growing walls that encompassed us growing up. All 6 kiddos and Grandparents who lived with us at times.  All in a home with 3 bedrooms and one bath until a fire destroyed the upper floor and then when it was redone another bath and bedroom were added.  No extra family room, formal dining, media room, or finished basement...in fact, that house has no basement. No huge kitchen with an island that you could skateboard on.  But somehow we managed to live and laugh and love as the saying goes.  Everyone was always welcome and nobody ever left or, I should say, leaves my Mom's home hungry!  The walls seem to expand and gather us and hug us and make us happy to be there.  We're not a perfect family by any means. Everyone has their struggles and the imperfections that make us individuals of interest.  I'm going to share a few of my "one second" moments.  I'm so grateful for all that was done for Jack and I and all the family that arrived and wished us well.  These forty years have gone fast.  It truly seems like only a second ago that my kids were little, my Mom had dark hair, I was thinner, Jack's hair was bushier, my Dad was still living, and my dreams about my future were just forming.  Click...one second. Picture perfect.
We knew we were in for a trip when the torrential rains and these skies followed us!
But the skies were clear when we arrived and we loved what Mom had done to her kitchen..
Very sleek and cool!
We took time to head to the Chicago Temple..love that little Temple!
Can't have a bunch of Greeks gathering without lamb!
Mom and our Grandkiddo Summer looking at old photos.
Friday night it was pizza night.
Brothers seeing each other for the first time in 2yrs...Phil on the left, Jack in the middle and Craig...where's Jordan? He and Eddy stayed home for this trip. He's getting ready to move in a few weeks.
Cousins always seem to find the swing and meet up....left to right...Andrew, Lexi, Addy, Alana.
My sister got the new doors on her outdoor oven area...she designed, and with the help of my brother and nephew, built it.....very nice Midge!
The tents and tables are ready.
Family picture time...Phil and his girls...Lexi and Addy.
Craig and his family...Sophie, Amy, Craig, Taylor, and Katie.
Jack and his family..Summer, Anthony, Driana, Jack, Cameron, and Evelyn.
Jack and I and 3 of our guys!
Mom and her whole gang.
After the rains stopped we all navigated back to the outdoors and enjoyed a nice evening. 
Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful "one second" moments of our lives.


joeh said...


gin said...

Happy anniversary!! I love your stories! You sister pulled off a beautiful event. The tents and tables were awesome. Our 40th will be this year, also. My sister pulled a 25th event for us at our own house with me not wanting it, and I ended up loving it and was so glad she did after it was over,

111 LaLa Lane said...

I don't know that I knew your name was Kathy. But now I do! Woo Hoo! Loved your post of wonderful memories, wonderful pictures of your family and how you killed so many birds with one stone. Happy 40th Anniversary! Cliff and I will be married for 34 years in August. Time does fly!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear YaYa! I was just getting to know you when you went out to Oregon, Portland to visit Craig's family. I am so glad to learn that nearly the whole clan was able to gather and celebrate several special occasions all at once, including your 40th wedding anniversary, even though it was observed a little early. Shucks, while you were at it, you should have celebrated Shady's 80th birthday! :) Congratulations to you and Jack for closing in on 40 years of marriage at a time when most couples don't make it to 4 years. You guys must be doing something right.

It was wonderful to see pictures of you, your mother, Summer and all the gang gathered for the joyous occasion.

Mother Nature seems to have it in for you, YaYa, whether you're in Chicago or back home at the Pines. I have found, however, that some of the happiest "one second" moments are the spontaneous ones captured as families scramble to gather up the food and race indoors before a storm hits.

Are there clouds on Shady's horizon? Is Jordan moving out and taking my pal Eddy with him?

I just want you to know that I have given you and Eddy a blog award. I hope you will come over and pick it up before the post expires.

Welcome home and have a wonderful week, dear friend YaYa!

Julia said...

What a great sister you have. It must have been a wonderful time of being together and sharing 40 years of instant memories with your lovely family.
I love all the pictures. A lot of planning must have gone into all this preparation.

Happy Pre 40th Anniversary Yaya and thanks for sharing.

Stacy Crawford said...

Happy pre-versary...we love you guys so much.

It is true those one second moments. They sure do fly by. Here's to another 20...

Sush said...

Happy Early Anniversary! So much fun and I love when you can get as many visits in at one time as possible kind of trips!
So much fun to see pictures of the clan…have a great Summer!

joanna said...

wow, you are all a great looking bunch of people, and I can tell who is related! Looks like so much fun and a wonderful celebration albeit a bit early. We had our 40th last November and I know what you mean about 'seconds.' It really does go by that fast. Congratulations.

Kay G. said...

Oh, Kathy, what a wonderful, loving post!! It brought tears to my eyes, honestly it did.
Happy 40th Anniversary!!
(I knew your name was Kathy, but I can never remember if it was spelled with a C or a K....I always want to use a K...but you can guess why!!

Love, KAY

Nonnie said...

So many great memories right there on one page! You have a beautiful family and I congratulate you on your wedding anniversary! Happy, happy times and you're so right about one second. How does time get away from us so quickly? I must say, though, with a family like that, it looks as though every moment was well spent.

Stephanie Faris said...

Looks like a great trip! And I LOVE that outdoor oven area. That's awesomeness!

Sue said...

Boy, you guys do fun and family (and FOOD!) right. Really enjoyed reading about all your doings.


Sweet Tea said...

From one Greek to another - you have some handsome & beautiful Greekness in your family! Lovely one and all!! Congrat's on your anniversary and all the other occasions you celebrated. Glad the weather didn't stop the festivities. Great photos!!

Becky Jerdee said...

Congrats to you/Jack and the gang...looks and sounds as if it was well worth the trip!!!!

selvageedge said...

Nice party; Midge needs to go professional on that if she hasn't already. Congratulations on almost 40 years!

Christina said...

Wow Kathy, that is fabulous! That post brought tears to my eyes just thinking how fast our lives move. Everything looked beautiful! I love how you described your mother, upbringing and home. I hope my kids think of us and our home the same way when they look back one day. Everyone looks so happy. We still miss Amy and Craig down here. Congratulations on 40 years!! You guys are awesome.

Munir said...

Happy anniversary and wish you guys many more . God Bless you and your family.
Thank you for a nice wholesome blog.