Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Calm..After And Before

The country is being hit by some pretty frigid temps.  Blogs from out east are talking about the cold and snow.  Down south they are going to get colder than usual.  In Chicago my family is hunkering down, waiting out the worst.  (Except for my brother Phil who is probably laughing at us all as he sips a cool, fruity drink in Fort Myers, Florida!) Here in Ohio, we're taking it day by day.  A winter storm hit on Thursday but we only got about 6in. of the white stuff.  The sun was out yesterday and today and that always makes me smile. It was suppose to be warmer today..around 30, but the wind still made you wrap your scarf a bit tighter!
These are our "Whispering Pines" , and they do more than whisper...they block out the wind.  I took a walk around the property this afternoon and when I took this next pic I realized how much these pines keep the wind down.
I took this shot of our road and I was surprised at how windy it was right here. Meanwhile, back at the Pines...
It was calm enough to sit and have a little chat!
Unless you're Eddy and have to jump around and be happy to see Jack!..P.S...we didn't need Safelite glass's my son's truck for work!
See that tiny brown dot by the Creepy Woods? It's Eddy heading to his favorite spot.
See this brown running spot? It Eddy running back from his favorite spot in the woods when he realized I wasn't going to jump across the creek and follow! He was a bit disappointed but he's obedient and came when I called.
Sorry buddy...the sun is quickly setting in the West and you can't handle the cold forever! I strolled back and snapped a few pics.
My neighbor's barn...I have barn envy...I love that thing. I wonder if they would notice if it was suddenly moved a bit to the North..over the creek and through these trees...hmmmm. But I also envy the barn on the other side of us.
It's on the other side of our pine trees. It has the white fence I always tell people to look for when they are coming to visit for the first time.  I'm in a barn envy sandwich!
As the sun was setting the sky looked amazing.  Jack needed to go to his office for a minute and I tagged along.
The sky looked amazing on the way into town too.  I know we'll get some crazy weather in the next few days, but I'll just take my photos and remember that it will pass. We have the calm right now after our little winter storm from Thursday, and we have calm right now before our storm coming tomorrow.  If you're in the hard hit areas, stay safe and warm and take it easy. If you're in a warm place sipping a cool, fruity drink..well, I still love you!


Willow said...

Hi Edy , stay warm buddy ~
Ha ha Gotta love the fruit drinkers in the sunny States too don't we .
After this mornings farm chores were done I snapped a pic of the thermometer ( quickly because I had to take my gloves off ) it was "one" degree out , yup "1" last night and tonight in the minus digits . Brrr

Willow said...

Oops "Eddy" sorry my fingers were froze lol

Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, YaYa! I notice you traded in the magenta hue and disco glitter balls for a pleasing snowflake motif. Me likey!

I never considered how your whispering pines could protect you from the strong north wind in winter. What a blessing they are!

You have barn envy. Shady has EDDY envy! Thank you for these great pictures of your pooch including the one showing him trotting off to the Creepy Woods to take care of business. I'm thinking he made a deposit in the snow bank in hopes of attracting the Yeti. The shot of Eddy looking back at the camera with the sunset over the roof and footprints in the snow is a winner. Those sunset skies and cloud formations are awesome and suitable for framing!

I'm happy to know your brother is in Fort Myers basking in the sun. It was a pretty day today with temps in the 70s by mid afternoon. Fort Myers is south of me but closer to the water and therefore I'm guessing it was a few degrees cooler but I'm sure the weather there was more comfortable than yours in Ohio, Ashland.

I hope you're having a great weekend, dear friend, and hope whose whispering pines continue to protect you from any and all storms!

gin said...

i love seeing the pictures of the snow scenes around blog land. I would probably be freezing taking a walk around. I think I'll keep my southern temps. Stay warm and safe with the new winter storm Ion.

selvageedge said...

Beautiful sunset shot. I hope I'll be seeing it at the fair next fall.

Nice barns. I think I would just enjoy the view.:)

I braved Walmart on a Saturday today for essentials so that we can hunker down and hide in our warm home through the next storm.

joanne said...

such beautiful skies on a cold, cold day. You may be getting a dose of the white stuff tonight if what I hear is correct. It's a balmy 38degrees'll drop a little but nothing to be concerned about. be safe and stay warm, even Eddy.

PoetessWug said...

BEAUTIFUL sky shots, Yaya!!...It's one of the things that makes snowstorms full of white stuff bearable...the beautiful sky views before and after them! :-) Thanks for sharing your less than windy whispering pines. ^_^

Stacy Crawford said...

Looks like we were strolling at the same time. Beautiful sunset last night.

Vicki Boster said...

Beautiful photos Kathy-- gorgeous sunset sky!! The snow really is lovely-- we are expecting 3-5 inches tonight. Perfect-- for my early morning drive for cataract surgery round 2:(

It's freezing here too--

I want to be at the beach--- now.


Nonnie said...

Beautiful pics. I am thinking of you Northerners in this bad weather. It's very cold here in Texas. Can't imagine what it's like there.

Munir said...

Enjoy the calm !
Here it was calm just for yesterday morning. Now we have icy mix and rain tomorrow. Oh well.

Kay G. said...

Maybe you ought to rename them the "protective" pines! I love trees!
Stay warm! It will be NINE degrees here on Tuesday! Crazy!

Christina said...

Yeah I was there for the storm on Thursday. It was Grady's birthday too, so instead of going to Acres of Fun we decided to go sledding at the country club. It was so, so fun! The high today is 20 here in SC. That's crazy for us!

Donna said...

Your sunset pics are gorgeous! We don't see them here in the hollow. I'm snuggled in under a mile of blankies...:-)

Sweet Tea said...

You've got some major beauty around you - love your photos. You give me "house envy" - your home is so picturesque. That's a lot of pretty to enjoy! Bundle up and keep warm!

Laura said...

beautiful views… our standard poodle is a snow dog too… winter is by far her favorite season!

Sue said...

I love your yard and all the beauty that surrounds you.