Friday, February 15, 2013

Sharing The Love

We don't celebrate Valentines Day with big "go out for dinner and movie" plans.  We're content to stay home and enjoy time together. And we enjoy sharing the love with family!  I decided to make dinner for my Son's families....So I put together a couple of different for Phil's family and one for Jack's.  I got a frantic call from my daughter-in-law, Amanda as soon as I came home from work asking if I could watch the girls until Phil got home from work because she was going to work.  Sure, no problem!  So these 2 monkeys came and played for a few hours while put together the dinners I had planned.
I had fresh strawberries for some homemade icecream I was going to make...good thing I bought extra!
I took off for a bit to drop off some food at Jack's and caught him home with his 2 boys.  The girls were out working...and doing a school project.  So it was men's Valentine's dinner night I guess.
Cameron with his glaring glasses, my son Jack still in his hospital scrubs (he works at a different hospital than mine) and Anthony....Hope you enjoyed the meal boys!
I found these beauties waiting for me when I got home from work.  I love the vase with it's sparkly jewels around the rim and also jewels on some of the flowers..can you see them?  I think you can see one on the pretty purple leaf:
 When Jack left for work in the morning I knew he had on his Valentine themed tie...he has themed ties that he wears for any and all holidays...He's festive like that.  However, when he came home I happened to notice something else he was wearing. The conversation went like this: Me: "What are those?"  Jack: "Socks" Me: "Where did you get them?"  Jack: "From my sock drawer"  Me: "Who gave them to you?"  Jack: "You"
Me: "I gave you those socks? When?"  Jack: "Probably around Valentine's Day".....We have many stimulating conversations that pretty much go in that direction. Well, here's what caught my eye and I give him 10pts. for wearing them and for enjoying the simple holiday made for love...Love you Jack! Happy Valentine's Day a day late!


Debby said...

Hah, I bet those were your socks. So nice of you to make dinner and watch kiddos. What a nice mom and grandma you are.

acorn hollow said...

My husband has a tie for all of the holidays he taught and had to wear a tie to school and I do believe he had heart socks.
you sound a lot like us give me a meal in and a card I am happy.
Your flowers are beautiful

Rebecca Jerdee said...

You are adorable, kathy!

Cheltz said...

Homemade strawberry ice cream??? And those are some lovely flowers! Jack did a great job!

Stacy Crawford said...

Love the sock conversation. Totally lol(ing) with Kyle/.

Tammy Theriault said...

Im the same being home for valentines day too

Kerri said...

Your husband is too cute with his Valentine's gear on!

karen said...

You have to love a man who will wear Valentine socks, and themed ties! Beautiful flowers, and lovely family. You're lucky to have them close!

Kay G. said...

Oh, those socks with all those hearts! Too, too sweet!!
I love the photo of your "boys"!


Those socks are so sweet. Funny too.
Love the conversation. Goes a lot like ours when you've been married a while.
What a good person you are to deliver dinner. Nothing is more appreciated.
Yep you're a good grandma too.
Me too. It's the best job I have.
In fact my teen aged grand daughter told her mom, I wonder if you'll be as good a grandma as Nana Barb is to me!!! She will be but I loved the comment.
Have a great day Yaya and thanks for reading my book!
Blessings. Oh would you please leave a review on Amazon???

gin said...

so sweet of you to do meals for both sons. funny sock story, cant believe he wore them.

Sue said...

We did go out, but I think I would have been just as happy doing what you did!

Having the family you made together around makes some sense, right?


selvageedge said...

Love the socks!

Rick Watson said...

You should be a fly on the wall during some of the conversations between Jilda and me :)

Sweet Tea said...

I think Jack "rocks the socks", and you can tell him I said so!