Thursday, February 28, 2013


When I think of milestones I always imagine the biggies....walking on  the moon...discovering America...first baby...last baby...a cure for something...and birthdays.  I've had a few milestone birthdays in my life.  I have had a few surprise birthday parties for those.  I remember my whole family showed up in my house on  a Friday morning around 8am.  I was up and dressed, thank goodness.  I came up from our rec room in the basement to find them standing in my livingroom.  Scared me to death but we had a great time.  They all had traveled from Chicago and my one brother came from Atlanta. Great family!  A big surprise party happened that night that not only included family, but friends from Church and work.  Good memories. Well, I've hit another "milestone" today.  I'm 60.  I can hardly say it and make it seem real. I'm not opposed to growing old...really, I'm not. Everyone has to do it and the alternative isn't what I want at this point in time. I'll save that milestone for another time, thank you!  But really...60?? When did it happen? I keep thinking that if I'm really 60 I should be different somehow. I  keep thinking that I should feel like a grown-up..that I should be smarter or something.  It came so fast that surely a "sonic boom" should have been heard! I remember when I turned 30 and was really upset. My generation always said: "Never trust anyone over 30." I felt sooooooo old then!  Now they say  30 is the new 20. Knowing some 30yr. olds I do believe they are right! It seems youth rules in 2013...more than it did in 1953.  Looking at old pics of my Grandmother holding me as baby, she looks just like she did when she died at age 94 in the 1980's! White hair and all!  Well, I'm not my Grandmother. I do trust people over 30.  I still have the greatest family. My super wonderful husband who puts up with me everyday. My great kiddos and grandkiddos. They are the hot fudge on my sundae of life.  My Mom who is my inspiration at age 86.  My sister who makes me laugh and loves me no matter what. All my brothers who are the best brothers on earth.  My friends and co-workers who add the spice.  My BFF rock girlfriend! She put together a wonderful 60th birthday surprise carry-in at work today.  So much food! So much fun! So many cute decorations! Thanks from the bottom and top of my heart.  So now I'm going to flow through 60 years of my life quickly...hang on.  It's going to go fasssttttttt
I'm starting with age 5....
Moving on to age 8....Love the teeth!
High School....In this day and age all the kids get a million poses with outdoor and inside shots. Back in 1971 everyone just wore a sweater with a necklace, sat down, turned to the right, left, front...done!
Weddings....where are those crazy kids today?
Then came the babies.  That was also how we did it in my day.....first came love, then came marriage, then came us with the baby carriage!  Now Moms don't even need a Dad..just a container and a syringe.
I had to add this....I love Halloween and all the world loves a vampire! (I'm a 5mo. preggo Vampire here in 1983!)
TaDa!!!! Me at 60! I still can't believe it, but I'm going to enjoy my day.  It started out fun with my party at work:
Our early morning meeting included celebration:
Yummy food...this was just a teensy sampling of what was brought in!
These little tidbits were really good.  Spinach, feta cheese, cream cheese..all rolled in cresent dough...YUM!
This little message was on our message board:  I just noticed the Nursing Law note above my Happy Birthday..."the quiz is set up like the BAR..BAR means: Basic Annual Review...not BAR like "Club 42" bar.  If you live in Ashland you know what the Club 42 is!
When I got home a few surprises awaited:
Flowers from Craig and Amy in Oregon
Candy from my Sister in Chicago....and yesterday Jack got me a fun new popcorn maker because he knows how much I love making real  popcorn and with a ceramic top on our new stove, it's not recommended. Thanks Babe, and all my family and friends! I'm going to go now and contemplate how in the heck this all happened...and how blessed I am to be here to enjoy my life.



Nonnie said...

Happy, happy birthday to you. Those are some fabulous pics, and what a wonderful celebration of your life by your family/friends/co-workers. I am thinking you deserve such attention. Don't worry. Everybody keeps saying that 60 is the new 40 or something like that. It does seem very weird when we hit that milestone because those who went before us seemed so old "at that age."
Congratulations on staying so youthful.
(I'm going to have to Google the recipe for the crescents.)

Cheltz said...

What a fun post! Looking back always goes quick, doesn't it? I loved all the old pics -- everyone of them! Happy Birthday!!

Debby said...

You are looking good at 60. I turned 62 in October. Hard for me to believe as well. Time is flying by for sure. But it does beat the alternative so we just have to cherish every year. Happy Birthday.

acorn hollow said...

Happy Birthday to you from those pictures you get prettier everyday.
I am not that far behind you I felt like that at 50 I thought you have got to be kidding. what amazing family and friends.

Kay G. said...

Oh Happy 60th Birthday!
You are so pretty, your number age doesn't matter. You are looking good, honey!
Besides, I will turn 56 in April, and I love people older than me! HA!

111 LaLa Lane said...

You share your birthday with my mother. Happy Birthday! Looks like you are well loved.

Kim said...

Happy Birthday! Really, 60 is the new 40. And if 40 is fabulous, then 60 must be spectacular! Just like you :)

rosaria williams said...

You don't look a day older! Happy Birthday!

selvageedge said...

Happy, happy birthday, Kathy dear! I remember your surprise 50th party well, because the following week the decorations were recycled for a surprise wedding shower for Tom and me. So when we celebrated our 10th this year, I thought about you with this milestone coming up. Sounds like you had a nice day. Good, you deserve it!

Munir said...

Happy Birthday to you an may you have several more. You do not look a day older than forty. Your high school picture is fabulous. It was nice looking at your pictures. God Bless.


Happy Birthday kiddo!!!
You're still a baby compared to me - I was seven when you were born.
I love the school photos and the wedding photo. How fun to look back at the styles and how young we were.
Wow, we've come a long way baby.
Hang in and enjoy your birthday for a few more days.
Great gifts and nice cake.
Myself, I love birthdays for the gifts and the cake!
Blessings, Barb

karen said...

Happy birthday Kathy! I'm right behind you, babe! It sounds so weird to say you're going to be 60 this year, so I know what you mean. But you are a lovely, happy person who makes any age fun. Have a wonderful day and coming year! It's been such a pleasure to get to know you.

Rebecca Jerdee said...

So happy for you on your 60th! And you and those who love you DO know how to celebrate! 60 is lookin' good, Kathy! Congratulations on this wild milestone :)
xxoo Becky

Willow said...

Wow thanks for taking us with you on that stroll down memory lane ... and YOU Look FABULOUS at 60 looks like the new 40 !

Julia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Yaya, you still look so young and so full of life. You sure are fully blesses with such caring family and friends.
Thanks for sharing.

Rick Watson said...

Tell me about it GirlFren. I get my first social security check in three weeks. What's that all about?
I love seeing you through the years. I might borrow that idea for my blog.

Hilary said...

Well I'm late to the party but I do wish you a very happy birthday. You don't look a day over 40something. And back in the 70s you sure looked like Mary Tyler Moore!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

I always love visiting your blog :)

Donna said...

You look fab at any age! Love the look back at al the events in your life...and what a life it's been!! Glad you had such a great ya!

gin said...

Happy birthday!! You had some grand celebrations!! My birthday was feb 27th, I made 59 and said I am going to make the best of this year. The last year in my 50's. Next year I take on the big 60.

Darlene said...

Oh my gosh! You had a birthday and I didn't even know it!! That's what I get for not blogging for almost three weeks. I just don't seem to have it in my to blog any more often.

Tha birthday celebrations were so perfect. All that food made me hungry and I just ate. By the way, are you going to send me the recipe for that yummy dessert with the impossible spelling? You could just post it, you know, as I am probably not the only one that would love to have it!

Was your birthday right on the 28th? Good it wasn't on the 29th. It would be awful to only have your birthday every four years.

I really loved looking at all the great pictures and I REALLY loved the one of you. It was just sooooo good. In fact, I loved all of the pictures of you, but especially the one of you as you are now. You are really some kind of a good looking gal.

Take ya

CatieAn said...

Happy happy irthday to you! Just to let you know---60's don't go any slower----am down that road so know---glad you had a such a nice day and have such sweet people to share it with.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday to you! Now we are again the same age...

I loved seeing the photos from your past. Just goes to show you've ALWAYS been good-looking.


Melnee Benfield said...

Love, love, love the photos! SOOOO fun! You beauty you. Of course, Jack's wedding day hair is a real revelation to a new comer like me. HA!