Friday, August 19, 2011

You Say Tomato...I Say Yum!

Whew, this week flew by! I haven't blogged since last week but I've kept busy with work, family, and gardening. I think our tomatoes are looking good! Here's a nice batch along with a few peppers and if you look behind them you will see a few jars of my latest jelly making. We have elderberries that grow wild up by the creepy woods. I braved the bugs and picked what I could. I got just enough for one batch of jelly. It looks like grape but has it's own distinct flavor. We opened a jar and tried it. I don't want to toot my own horn, but heck, it's good! If you've ever picked elderberries you know how they grow. Up high and then just getting all the little berries off the stems, cleaning them, mashing them, straining them..well, I'll be pretty picky about using those few pints of jelly! Plus, I don't think I'll pick more. That would mean a buggy, poison ivy, weedy trek deeper into the woods. No thanks, I'm not that crazy!
I finally got this area weeded. I know it won't last forever and I should get it mulched, but I feel good just being able to make out some plants that are suppose to be there!
Along with weeding we have these little buggers to contend with. Web worms. I blogged about them last summer. We don't have them as bad as last year but they are creepy looking. If you blow up the image you can see the little squirmies in their fuzzy sack. Yuck! I just need to get out in the spring and spray the trees with a special solution that keeps them off. I don't think they like pine trees because I've never seen one on ours yet. But they seem to really like our crabapple trees. One way to get rid of them it to burn them off. Hmmmm..why does that sound like a bad idea to me?
I have a few different routes home from work that I take. I like to change up the scenery every now and then. This pretty pond is one of my fav drive bys. It looks so inviting. I used to think I'd like a pond here at the Pines, but watching out for the Grandkiddos and the work it takes to make it look this pretty would probably do me in! So I'll have to have "pond envy" and just enjoy this one. It would be fun to sit at the picnic table and enjoy the view though. However, the owners might have something to say about that.
I guess I'll just be happy looking at a sunset over the soybean field across my road!


Kim said...

Mmm, those are dandy looking tomatoes. BLT's for lunch tomorrow?
I have some of that creepy web stuff on a few branches of a big tree in the backyard. I hate it.

Stacy Crawford said...

I picked two tomatoes this week. It looks like your crop is doing much better. My tomatoes are like your viney things...

One thing I learned about my grandpa is his favorite jelly is elderberry. For Christmas, I make him homemade bread and buy the jelly and he is one happy camper!

jojo said...

I know where to go for tomatoes...and it's not my backyard...yummmy!

Sush said...

Why what a delicious looking crop you have harvested! I haven't made preserves or jams in a few years but I sure do love when I do! Your view as you travel seems to be lovely...I'm like you though on the pond. I'd rather bring mine to see the one in our neighborhood so I'm not worrying about the little ones falling in!

Thanks for a lovely post,

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Tomatoes are extremely yummo especially when you grow your own!

You are a clever clogs!

acorn hollow said...

the jam looks good I have never even seen an elderberry. But I have tasted the jam before yum.
we cut the web worms out and burn they can do in a cherry tree.
My tomatos are good but you have way more are you going to make sauce? I have been making pesto and freezing it for the winter.
Nice pond we have a pond but it is more of a mud puddle.

bekahjane said...

man those tomatoes look yummo! love the pics. happy weekend :)

karen said...

Well I'm going to say it again - I'm a little jealous of the beautiful place you live in. (Although I could do without the web worms...) Your elderberry jam sounds SO GOOD.

Life 101 said...

Wow, you packed a lot into this one. First the elderberries -- no pain, no gain :)
I've never seen elderberries so I don't have a point of reference.
The worms in the trees look like what we call cataba worms. My dad used to get them to bait his trotline and catch monster catfish in the river.
Also, the sunset photos is stunning.
Take care. My finger will survive. We practiced for several hours tonight and I didn't even notice the cut.

Sue said...

I think I have a case of pond envy right now.

And tomato envy, too!


Sue said...

PS. To say nothing of creepy woods envy.
(No web worm envy, though!)


Munir said...

Greetings' and thanks for your support.
Your tomatoes are very fresh.
I never tried elderberries but those jelly jars do look like a lot of love and work went into them. I would use them sparingly too.
The scene of your alternate route is beautiful. The pond reminds me of a pond that belonged to a patient of my husband. He always used to talk about it too. Animals and birds always visited his pond.
The sunset is very pretty. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Bonnie said...

Okay, so that jelly looks delicious. I lovelovelove homemade jelly. I could probably eat it right out of the jar And homegrown tomatoes are always the best. We go out of our way to buy locally grown tomatoes because a) we like to support the home growers as opposed to the corporate giants; and b) they just taste better.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Donna said...

Well, I know firsthand wat great jam you make so I'm sure this batch is equally as good!! The tomoatoes are beautiful too. I hate those web worms too but this year our trees are a little better than they have been some years.
If you ever decide to go sit by that pretty little pond...I'll be your sister in crime, -just call! You know I can tresspass as well as the next guy..ha!

Donna said...

No spell check on these things...guess I better read before I comment, huh?

selvageedge said...

As an adult I have only ever canned one time, and that was a batch of grape jelly. That last jar will go with me to the grave--way too much effort even though it tasted great!