Monday, August 22, 2011

School Bells Are Ringing

The school bells might be ringing here in Ashland this week, but we had a jump start in an old one room schoolhouse this past weekend. A lovely lady I used to work with turned 70 and her children had a surprise party for her. Her Son-in-law's family bought this old one room school and fixed it up and use it for family get togethers all year. I think they have just started renting it out to non family also. It's been restored, but updated nicely. We had fun celebrating with Deb and her family and friends.

Happy Birthday Deb! We had a good time catching up with her and her family and enjoying a nice meal too! I was having fun taking pics of the schoolhouse..come along for the tour!
Inside the building they have kept many of the schoolhouse the blackboard, desk chairs that were found in the basement..and that step off the front could cause some problems during functions, but a great place for a stage and the teacher's desk.
Look up..I think that would have been where the bell was located, on the top of the building.
I think the stone work around the foundation is just beautiful.
How many little ones came out here to get a drink?
I could just imagine little kiddos out here for recess.
Hmmm...could this building possibly be the former outhouse? Thankfully, there is indoor plumbing in there now.

Now for something completely different!
I made homemade spaghetti sauce over the weekend using tomatoes from our was very tastie! I invited Phil and Addy and Alexis over for dinner to test it out..although Jack had declared it very good already!
Addy likes her pudding with "cream"..
Lexi enjoyed her spaghetti dinner and chocolate pudding for dessert..
Those jello commercials have it all wrong..This is pudding face!


Stacy Crawford said...

I drive by that schoolhouse everytime I go to church.

I want to learn how to make homemade spagetti sauce. Can you teach me?

Sandi said...

What a fun place! I love that old school house.

You are so right, that pudding face is way better than the one on the commercials!

Thank you Yaya, for your reminders to me about recovery. I didn't even know about the tourniquet. I guess that makes sense. I appreciate having your input, from the surgical viewpoint!

Sush said...

Love those photos, I would love to just breathe in the chalk filled air...and YOUR pudding faces are the cutest by far. You're so right the commercial has it all wrong!


Sweet Tea said...

I LOVE that old schoolhouse. I wonder how old it is? Great that it has been lovingly restored rather than torn down...Look at you - homemade spaghetti sauce! I thought the only kind came out of a jar that says "Prego"!

Donna said...

Glad Debs party was a great success! The school houses has so charm! So does your how bright it is since you painted it! The spaghetti sauce looks delish...need more tasters? Yum!

Donna said...

Ps. Addie and Alexis look adorable! Wow! Are they growing!

acorn hollow said...

Love the school house and what a fun function place. the kids are so cute and your sauce looks good

selvageedge said...

Such adorable little pudding faces!

CHERI said...

Hi, friend! I've been away from blogging awhile. Guess I just got burned out and nothing worthwhile to write about. I finally posted myself yesterday so hope you'll visit. I absolutely love the little red schoolhouse. Being a teacher for 31 1/2+ years I'm partial to all things SCHOOL! What a neat idea to buy it and use it for family gatherings. I would love to do that! That little chocolate face is absolutely too cute.

Sue said...

LOVE that old schoolhouse.

And your spaghetti sauce is making me hungry!


PS. Cute little puddingface girl you've got there.

Bonnie said...

I love one-room school houses. I think they are super adorable. There is one in a teeny tiny town where my grandpa grew up that is simply divine. I can't imagine partying in it!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Now that girlfriend is a pudding face. hahahaha
Love visiting old places like this school house you shared with us.
Great that it is being used again for more memories.
What can you not do my dear friend?
Homemade spagetti sauce you just amaze me.
Sorry you had to ask forgiveness reading my blog
Love ya

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I feel SO much better. Addy looks just like me when I finish something REALLY good! :) What a cutie!

I loved the school house..
Do you live in Ashland Oregon or another Ashland?
I loved your post interesting.
I remember Martha Stewart did the same thing with a barn on her property. She redid the entire thing for family gatherings.
With my HUGE family (and growing) I could certainly use something like that. Seven Children, 14 Grandchildren and 5 Greats.

karen said...

Sweet little schoolhouse. And I LOVE the pudding face!

Deb Shucka said...

That old schoolhouse is so cool! What a great place for a party. Love the pudding pictures.

Darlene said...

What an interesting old school house. Lucky Deb to have a birthday celebration in such a quaint old place. It's great that they rent it out for parties. I think it would be fun to have one in a building like this.

Kathy, your spaghetti sauce looks super delicious. Any chance of your posting the recipe? I still am waiting for the recipe for Greek chicken.

And that berry jam!! Honestly, I would treasure that for a long time. I am not sure I would ever put that out for company. I would ration it out and eat it all myself. Being a person that has never canned anything in my whole life, I would be a little selfish if anyone ever gave me something like this. I admire the fact that you can jams and jellies. My mom used to can constantly during the season. Oh, I can almost taste my favorite jelly in the whole world, chokecherry jelly. She used to pick the chokecherries on the bank of the canal. When they left the farm, her brother used to do it for her, so I had it all the time when I was small. As I grew older, I used to help her with her canning, but have NEVER done it by myself. It is cheaper for me now to just buy jams and jellies, but they are never as good as I remember Mom's to be. Needless to say, I am totally impressed with your ability.

It looks like Addy and Lexi really enjoyed their chocolate pdding. That gives me an idea, I haven't had any for a long time, and chocolate pudding I can make!