Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stolen Pics of a Fun Day

On Memorial Day my Daughter-in-Law's cousins came down from "Holy" Toledo to get Jack to do some Chiro magic on Leisy's hip. She's running a marathon very soon and has had some problems. But I guess it's should be because my Hubby is the King of Chiropractic. I swear, he's a miracle worker! Anyway, we really enjoyed having Leisy, Kent and Zeb and Ike come for the day. Those two little boys are the cutest. I stole these pics from her blog. I just thought this was the sweetest shot of them putting their hands on their hearts when the flag passed by. Now those are patriotic kiddos...who's parents taught them well. I've come to really love this family. They may not be related by blood, but I'm claiming them anyway. I love their cousin Amy..My Daughter-in-Law, so I can love them too..right?
After the parade Leisy and Kent and their two cuties came back to the Pines for a cookout and some outdoor fun. I had a blast with Zeb and Ike in the baby pool and more fun squirting them with the hose. Here they are hiding from me..or so they think! I did laugh at the condition of the playhouse. It's been apart all winter and needs a quick paint job..sorta looks like a "shack out back"! Not to mention it was covered in grass after I mowed!
Last but not least we have a genuine "People at Wal-Mart" hero..Mountain Man. He hangs around the Wal-Mart and strums his guitar and sings about Jesus and says hi to everyone and is always happy, a teensy bit strange, and heck, I just think he's gotta message he can't bear to not shout out. Unfortunately, people started complaining about him and Wal-Mart made him go across the parking lot and he's not allowed near the entrance anymore. Now come on Wally World, have you seen the people who come into your store? If not, go online and find out...Mountain Man is down right normal compared to them!


acorn hollow said...

looks like a fun weekend for sure. and mountain man hmmm I don't shop at walmart that often. If I go I know what I want and right back out. If I saw mountain man I would be freaked out for sure. (It's the stick)

Stacy Crawford said...

Looks like you had a great time. I'm glad you don't chase me with the hose. Just sayin.

Hope said...

the pic. of the two boys is adorable!

and that stick would have me worried for sure. :)
but you're right, there are some real winners that shop at that store :)

fun post, yaya! thanks for sharing!

Sue said...

Gotta love the green guitar!


Anonymous said...

Cool post!! Love the sun in the pics. I kind of feel sorry for mountain man... we have a mountain man but he hits people with his stick.

Deb Shucka said...

I love the picture of you stalking the boys around the play house.

Too bad the old guy had to move - he looks like a wonderful character.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Looks like you were having a ball with your water hose. lol
I am glad you enjoyed your weekend.
Wish your hubby was here to work on me since I know he is the King of his field.
You are so right about the people who we spot in Wal Mart....this poor Mountain Man is so not as bad as those others. what a shame to ask him to go across the street.
Hope your having a great week my friend

rosaria said...

Oh, you had fun and so did all those fun characters you met.

Donna said...

Great post, Yaya! The pic of the boys with their hands over their hearts reminds me of John-John Kennedy saluting his father...a classic. The one of you chasing the guys is too cute! Looks like fun! And the Mountain Man, well what can one say? Gotta love that he spreads his message!

Kent and Leisy said...

thank-you again! we had the best time :) and I can't wait for my race :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

You ABSOLUTELY can love them too! It looks like you had a wonderful day!

Catch the Kids said...

Love that photo of you about to hose the "hiding" boys. Looks like you all had a great day.

Linda Hoye said...

I love the photo, and the thought, of you running around with those sweet kids. There's nothing like playing with kids to make you feel young again!

Bonnie said...

This looks like a lot of fun!! The two boys are so damn cute. Ahhh!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

CHERI said...

Fun, fun, fun! I have a feeling you have a huge sense of humor and probably keep everyone laughing on a daily basis:)