Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm so far behind in posting this week. Not that anything grand has happened, but I like to keep up! Father's Day came and went and I didn't even blog about what great Father's I have in my Jack and our boys! So a belated happy day to them. My camera wasn't cooperating on Sunday and I only got a few pics. This one made me laugh because Jack and our son Jack are just giving poor Cameron the stare down. Not too "Fatherly friendly" looking! It was good to see the boys and some of our Grandkiddos for a few hours. Not having them would have made that day just another Sunday on the calendar!
Phil and Amanda stopped by for lunch with these two characters..the crazy hair gang!
We shouldn't forget this dude...Eddy the Granddog..he stayed with us on Saturday and took a little shade time under the Oak tree.
Father's Day weekend is usually the last day for Green Valley Growers to have a huge, final sale. Everything was 70% off on Friday so I just had to score some 7 hanging baskets that I planted...a flat of annuals..a flat of perennials (32 in the flat!) and a black eyed susan plant. I have most of it planted but it's taken me almost a week. Dodging the rain and fighting off the mosquitoes has made it a challenge. But not a bad take for only $24!
We have a ton of these this year. Black raspberry bushes that grow crazy wild all along the paths up to the Creepy Woods. It's a buggy pick, but I think by Saturday many should be ready and then some real "jammin" will take place. Or I should say raspberries are too seedy so I like to strain the juice for jelly instead.
On the side of my house is this pretty hydrangea bush. I got it as a Mother's Day gift in 2002. It's really a good bloomer and I do love the color blue! These are fun to cut and put in the house because they last a long time and you can even dry them it you want. (I don't usually do that)
I love this pink hydrangea's on the bottom of the bush. So, the top is blue and the bottom is pink..kinda bi-polar if you ask me.
This looks so innocent...all peaceful like...pretty even..however, across that driveway in that planting area is weed heaven..or YaYa's been a pain in my...side, trying to keep it up. I have many of those before mentioned perennials that need planting but first I will have to prepare the site. Maybe I need to prepare myself by taking a sit down rest on one of those chairs. It might probably won't.


Stacy Crawford said...

I love your flowers. I hope things are going well at the hospital. Sounds like you might be destressing in the gardens.

acorn hollow said...

Good deal for 24.00 and great fun for fathers day. that looks like a great place to sit and think.

rosaria said...

Keep on gardening! Look how pretty everything looks thanks to your green thumb.

Bonnie said...

No wonder you are behind in posting -- You have been one busy woman!! I know how you feel, though. I have to write posts ahead of time and keep them in draft mode so I can log on quickly, edit and post them, and then get off because I am so crazy busy sometimes.
Speaking of which, I need to write more drafts. I am fresh out.
Big, fat, sad face.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Hope said...

your posts are always worth waiting for, yaya! your weather sounds like ours, rain, mosquitos, rain, mosquitos, rain oh...some sun then rain, mosquitos....

great flowers and blackberries....mmm goodness!

Munir said...

I have not been blogging much lately. I am behind reading as well. I have great news. I am a grandma for the third time. I was visiting my son and my daughter in law to help them out. It was fun.
Your blog reminded me to wish all fathers in the blogger world a belated happy fathers day. I totally forgot.
Your blogs are always done so nicely and are full of life.
Your flowers remind me of my parents home. Gardening is a blessed hobby. Enjoy:)

Cheryl said...

Hey there and I know what you mean - I'm so behind in catching up with the blogs I follow. I so miss my Dad on father's day, though we don't celebrate here until September. Love the hydrangeas. Don't you put different things on the soil to develop the different colours? Can't recall what now? Either way they are glorious!

karen said...

You have such beautiful flowers - and I think Cheryl is right. You use something to make them different colors but I don't know what either. (So why mention it, you may ask...) My hydrangeas started out blue and now they bloom bright pink. I love them.
The berries made my mouth water. Right now I have a jar of boysenberry jam in the fridge that I could just eat with a spoon - and it's just Knott's Berry Farm brand! I'd love to have berry bushes growing wild - what a garden spot you live in!