Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's a Slam Dunk!

Friday after work we headed up to Grand Rapids to see Katie get baptized on Saturday. The drive is so much easier now that they are only 41/2 hrs. away instead of 10. However, the weather wasn't too cooperative. We had torrential rains on and off the whole way. But we made it without any mishaps and the weekend was great. Saturday the weather was very nice early on (only rained that night).In the Mormon church children are baptized when they turn 8. Katie was very excited for her day and she looked adorable in her white to get dunked in and one for after. Everything went off without a hitch and there was a good turnout. It was a quick trip, we came home today and it didn't rain at all! (until tonight)Craig and Amy are coming down this next weekend so even though we didn't stay long it made saying goodbye easier when we know we'll see them again in a few days. Hooray! Here's what the clouds looked like..a bit scary and the winds were crazy too!
This is the dress that Katie got baptized in. It was nice she didn't have to wear a jump suit that the kids sometimes have to wear..she's a girlie girl and this dress looked great!
Katie would need a towel to dry off with and I had my friend Dawn make this one for her to remember the day..I thought it turned out really cute. Thanks so much Dawn!
Group shot..everyone smile!
Family shot!
Craig and Katie just before the baptism. Daddy's little girl is 8..can't believe it!
I really like the white dress that Katie changed into after the baptism part of the ceremony.
This is one happy little girl...and so cute too!
After all the excitement of the morning it's time for a little swing time in the back yard..It was a fun weekend and we're proud of our little Katie Peanut!


Donna said...

What a good looking family...ALL of you! Katie doesn't look just cute anymore...she looks beautiful!! She looks grown up and ...somehow, wise. Sweet pictures.
Dawn's towel turned out nice...good idea! Looks like a wonderful dedication...Katie,- Child of God.(That's what we say in the Lutheran church at baptism)

Beth said...

What a wonderful weekend. I'm so happy you were able to attend and I love the towel what a neat idea! You are so creative lady! Have a great week!

Karen Whittal said...

What lovely photo's I wish i was someone who took lots of photos' it is something that I have never done. Lovely memories

Cheryl said...

Just beautiful and what a neat idea to have a keepsake towel.

Wander to the Wayside said...

I would never have thought of a monogrammed towel - what a great idea, and one I will file away for future use! Katie's definitely a cutie pie, and it's so nice that you were able to get there for this event. I so enjoy seeing other's photos on blogs as it gives me a better idea of who I'm talking to!

rose said...

such a loving family. the towel is a great keepsake. rose

Bernie said...

A very interesting post. Lovely granddaughter and family. I'm glad she was eight. Once we went to a Greek baptism and it was just a baby and they dunked him deeply into the water and I was ready to run up there and rescue him. I learned something more I did not know. Thank you for sharing.

Catch the Kids said...

What a lovely family you have!

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

That is so wonderful. She looks adorable. They grow up so fast.