Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Be Jammin'!

Sometimes Jack's patients will bring us little treats such as fresh eggs, spareribs, and this week is was fresh raspberries! I knew I wanted to make some freezer jam and she had given us just the right amount for a batch. It's fast, fun and yummy! I love these cute freezer jars with the snap on lids. So on the 4th when the homemade icecream is done I know what I'm spooning over the top...MMMMM!
On another note here's a plug for one of my fav spots in Ashland:
There's a little shop not too far from Jack's office called "Backdoor Primitives"..it's down a little alley and behind a house. Very cute shop with antiques, hook rugs (she has classes) and other sewing things (I'm not a sewing gal)..some of my fav figurines by Lori Mitchell that I've blogged about. I love this little treasure trove and have found some cute and reasonably priced items. I found this cute roseville pottery piece for $5..it's cute with some flags stuck in it for the 4th of July. I forgot to take a pic of the little yellow 1950's kitchen stool that I know the grandkiddos will love sitting on at the kitchen island..Jack always gets me a gift card from there and I always manage to pick up something! I will have to take a pic of this little shop for the blog soon. You will want to stop on in I'm sure!


rose said...

great finds. looks like great toppings for ice cream. enjoy.

Crawford Family said...

That sounds just like a place I'd like to shop. Nice looking jam by the way.

Donna said...

Looks so pretty as well as yummy!!

Amy and Craig said...

I just finished a batch of raspberry freezer jam myself this morning!!! love it. We had buttermilk biscuits, scrambled eggs and bacon for dinner just to try it out!