Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday snow

There was more than frost on the pumpkins today...We had some snow a few weeks ago but I was working when it fell and it had melted by the time I left work. I enjoy the snowy scene this morning as I drove to my Stake assignment. I popped in a Christmas CD and enjoyed the ride. The Missionaries came for lunch and after they left I decided Eddy would enjoy a quick jaunt to the Creepy Woods. It was very chilly and the house felt nice and warm when we returned. Nice relaxing Sunday!

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Donna said...

...kinda like my day...just enjoyed the cold and cozy day! Finished Christmas cards to Christmas music and started wrapping in my little elfdom!! I love this time of year...hey, bringing you a surprise tomorrow!!!
Eddie is sure cute and really waits for you. He's a good dog 2 little fellas I know...