Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jackie!!

33yrs ago today my first born came into the world 8wks early. Only weighing in at 2#10oz, he was a peanut but a fighter. To survive as a preemie that long ago without any problems is a miracle. I thought he was the cutest thing in the world, while everyone else just looked at him and thought he was too little to make it. But make it he did. He was a wonderful baby and a very sweet and quiet little boy. He was our first so he had to be the experiment and put up with us as new parents. Happy birthday Jack (I'm the ony one who still calls him Jackie)...Hope your day is great and thanks for being such a good son! Follows are some early pics to embarrass him! Here's his very first one. Looks sorta like a little bird!
He was a cute 2yr old in his sailor suit! We call this pic: "Jack with the goobie eyes" ...can you guess why?

Awww...his first glasses...he hated them and lost them at every opportunity

His birthday is always during Thanksgiving week and sometimes it falls on Thanksgiving day, as this birthday cake suggests...He was actually born on the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, so today is a "real" birthday!

Love ya kiddo! Hard to believe you have 4 kiddos of your own!


Midge said...

Happy Birthday Jackie...and yes I still call him Jackie...I remember that day well. I was one of the people who could not believe someone that small could survive. He was the best little guy, very sensitive and Dad enjoyed him for his first year of life...amazing to think he is 33...holy crap that makes us really.....OLD....

Donna said...

WOW! That first pic really touched my heart and reminded me of my own premie guys. Nice to see the picture of his life.... Happy birthday Jack!!!

Amy and Craig said...

cute pix of Jack. the last one reminds me of Craig a bit. I love the first baby pic. he's looking pretty great for being so early! he didn't need help breathing?