Sunday, January 22, 2017

I Love Ohio In The Spring!

That's been the go to phrase this whole weekend.  Our temps have been around 60de and this is January! Yes, we know it's not Spring but when the weather gods choose to warm us up we love it!  I worked outside yesterday and cleaned up some flower beds and picked up sticks that a previous storm had left.  While making the rounds of the yard I found this:
So I'm thinking the ground might believe it's Spring! This afternoon Phil, Lexi and Addy stopped over and the kiddos found a way to play outdoors like it was Spring:
They found the pool had water floating above the ice block in there so out came the squirt guns.
Yep, they still work like they did last Summer!
After a few rounds of up in the air shots they began shooting each other.  They were a bit soggy when they left!  As I said before, we know it's still Winter because the other Grandkiddos are playing Basketball.  We stopped by and watched Cameron play last weekend.
He's the one with the ball...he's a good player and made the winning baskets for his team.
There's a winning smile for you! Good job Cam!  I hate to see this lovely weekend come to an end.  It's like a gift was handed to us and I'm glad we were able to enjoy the outdoors for a bit.
The sunsets haven't been too bad either!  Now on to Monday....sob, sob.


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

What a lucky break to have temps rise to spring levels in Ashland on a weekend! I am very happy for you but, at the same time, disappointed by this preview of spring. As you can imagine, when it's in the 60s in Ohio, it's downright hot here in Florida - mid to upper 80s, and we were hunkered down indoors all weekend with the air conditioner running.

That little flower is very pretty but I am worried what will happen to it and the other plants and shrubs on your property that are sprouting buds prematurely. Winter is bound to make a return visit soon and an ice storm could damage them. Those grandkiddo girls, Lexi and Addy, were acting like a couple of polar bears by squirting each other with ice water. I hope they don't wind up with sore throats. Cameron reminds me of myself at his age - basketball crazy. It was my favorite sport and I played and practiced day and night.

I hope you took advantage of the springlike weather and walked Chubbsie over to the Creepy Woods to sniff around for the Sasquatch.

Have a safe and happy week, dear friend YaYa!

Stacy Crawford said...

It was a beautiful weekend. I love that last shot, gorgeous!

Kay G. said...

Kids playing with water guns in January, crazy weather!
Lovely winner's smile from Cameron, he is so cute.
That is a gorgeous sunset, gorgeous!

Kim said...

Wow, that weather is amazing. Wouldn't it be great if it lasted? Lol. We have a little snow on the ground but just a bit. Very lucky

betty said...

Such a beautiful sunset indeed! Looked like a lot of fun for the weekend. Glad the weather held and all got to enjoy some outside fun and adventure. Let's hope this continues the rest of the winter months! It is amazing how fast the weekend goes. You blink and it is over.


Laurie said...

There's always something fun going on at The Pines.