Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's A Redo

Last year on January 8th I posted about my surgical post-op visit.  I noted that it was early in the morning and the temps were minus 27de....dang cold!  This week started out fairly cold also, only it was a balmy 9de on Monday.  The skies have been clear and a lovely blue, just like last year.  Sort of a "Redo".
The wood burning furnace that heats our home is chugging along as you can see from the smoke rising into that blue sky.  As the week has gone on, the temps have risen and today it was 45de and sunny....perfect weather for us!  I took Chubbs for a walk in the cemetery for the first time this year.  I'm sure he'll sleep good tonight!  The cold weather doesn't seem to be bothering him at all.  He even seems to like the snow.
We finally got our first dusting on Sunday night and Monday. 
The view from the entrance to the Creepy Woods. I think this is plenty of white stuff! Early the other morning, Jack had taken Chubbs out and Chubbs showed us that he can defend his territory.  Jack said he barked and growled at something up in the woods.  Perhaps my friend over at the Shady Dell was right about the Yeti living up there! Hey, in these parts we call him "Bigfoot" and there have been sightings down south of they say anyway.  Chubbs was determined to get what ever was creeping around up there but Jack called him back.  We were just surprised he actually growled!  His personality is coming out more and more.  But sometimes he looks a bit sad..
That little face makes me wonder if he misses his old home or previous owners.  I get mad when I think someone dumped him.  I just wish they would have taken him to a shelter and at least let people know his real name.  We've kept "Chubbs" but I would love to give him his true identity!  Most of the time he's happy and playful and loving his new yard.  So he can defend us all he wants from any weird happenings up there at the top of the hill!  We feel safe now!
This was yesterday looking at the Creepy Woods entrance.
This was last January, same entrance...not quite a redo...and I'm good with that!


Laurie said...

Every time I hear someone talk about Bigfoot, I think of that movie "Harry and the Hendersons". If Bigfoot is in the creepy woods, I bet he's eyeballing your swimming pool. He probably wants a bath. Lol!!

betty said...

That's cool, Chubbs is really starting to feel at home and wants to defend it and his people :) I think we've gotten more snow than you guys have this winter; I hope it stays like that since you guys have had tough winters the previous ones. Glad you got a chance to even go and take a walk!

Maybe Chubbs looks sad at times because he remembers all the other dogs at the shelter that didn't have families yet and he is sad for them, but happy he got picked by such a great one!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa!

When I saw that first picture showing white smoke coming out of the chimney I thought that a new pope had been chosen! :)

I told you so! I told you so! There's a dang Sasquatch livin' out there in your Creepy Woods and Chubbs caught his scent. (It's hard to miss since the Yeti hasn't taken a bath in months!) It was wonderful to see a picture of Chubbs patrolling the property. Has he met Eddy yet? Are they friendly toward one another?

I'm wondering if you are going to get a good snowstorm at all this year. It will be groundhog day before you know it and after that, winter's on the run. If I were you I'd start getting the pool ready for the grandkiddos. :)

Enjoy your weekend, dear friend YaYa!

Rick Watson said...

It's getting a little cooler here too but no white stuff yet. It usually waits until February or March here.
Old Chubbs is taking care of bidniz.

Julia said...

Sasquash in your's a good thing to have Chubb to protect you. Poor Chubb, looking sad. I wonder if he wants you to retire and stay home with him. I'm sure he'll feel better once he get an encounter with Big Foot to show it's his territory now.

I'm enjoying the milder temperature for now.
I hope you have a great day.

gin said...

Sweet Chubbs . I think he loves it at the piney woods. He looks sad cause he's freezing!!! He needs a doggie sweater to go out in the snow.

Kim said...

I love Chubbs. He is still settling in and learning to trust again.

Stacy Crawford said...

Hearing rumors of some snow coming Sunday....not sure if they are true.

Munir said...

I am so glad that this January is not as cold as last year although you could have been ableto use a little warmer temps last year eh?
I wonder how long it takes a dog to forget their previous home but I can say this much, they start loving the new family and become protective as soon as they get taken in. They are very thankful.

selvageedge said...

I hope that what Chubbs barked at wasn't black with a white stripe down its back. I don't want to have to read that blog post! I am loving this mild winter weather.

Becky Jerdee said...

Such a pretty white landscape! I'm glad Old Man Winter is being kind to you. So far.

Kay G. said...

You know, I bet that dog thinks he is DOG HEAVEN, don't you worry about that face!!
Snow! I hope we don't get any, folks in Atlanta can't drive worth a flip when the roads are clear!
Happy weekend, my friend!!

rosaria williams said...

I don't know how folks put up with winter vagaries. I guess I'm a wimp in that respect. Enjoy the respite.