Monday, August 17, 2015

R.I.P. Squeak

When we moved to the country 14yrs ago I guess it was inevitable that we would be owned by a cat. Yes, I said "owned by the cat".  Anyone who's ever had a cat knows they do what they please and you just go along for the ride.  I found Squeak on a cold November night at our Church.  She was begging French fries from us gals who were going home after a meeting.  It was raining and I felt bad for this skinny cat out in the elements...obviously hungry.   I'd never had a cat before,  I was a newbie in the cat house!  Squeak was never a cuddly, crawl in your lap, sweet cat. She was more of the "hey, just feed me and leave me alone!" type of cat.  My Grandkiddos learned the hard way..even after being warned, that she wouldn't tolerate much petting.  But they soon learned and so did I and everything progressed from there.  After 14yrs with us she passed quietly away early this morning.  We buried her up in the woods where I know she liked to roam.  I wasn't always thrilled to be her the litter box thing and the hairball thing.  But life's like that...the good and the bad. She was an awesome mouser in her day and even this Summer I saw her with a chipmonk in her mouth.  We haven't had chipmonks since she came here.  (Haven't seen one since that day!) Her strange meow earned her the name "Squeak".  Here's my tribute to my one and only cat:
She would go in and out constantly when the weather turned warm.  But if the snow was flying you'd find her here:
Under my desk near the kitchen fireplace...she knew the good spots!
She would keep watch out on the deck railing.  She didn't tolerate any other cats coming in her territory!
She was curious as all cats are.
Her eyes were as green as the grass.
When Eddy showed up she had to move over and let him have his space.  It was a love/hate relationship...he wanted to love her but she hated him! Well, hate is a strong word. Let's just say she learned to give a little here and there.
Like when Ed would take her bed! 
This Summer she was doing more and more napping. 
This was one of her favorite spots to spend the day.  I've blogged about her over the years and had some funny stories that will be in our memories.  My favorite photo of her has to be this truly shows her feisty personality.
Rest in peace've earned it.


betty said...

This made me cry; what a sweet tribute to Squeak! She knew she was loved and loved back in her own way. I am so sorry for your loss!


joeh said...

Sorry to hear of your loss.

Shady Del Knight said...

Oh, dear Kathleen, this breaks my heart! The headline jumped out at me. I am so very sorry that you lost Squeak. Ironically, it was just last night that Mrs. Shady woke up screaming three different times after having disturbing dreams about our sweet dog Toto. We both still miss her very much. Bless you for taking in that cold, hungry kitty and giving her a name and a home for 14 years. She had a very good life thanks to your kindness and generosity. I remember that last picture of Squeak from a couple of Halloweens ago. May she rest in peace. God bless her and you, dear friend YaYa!

Z said...

Oh, how you'll miss her - I'm so sorry.

Kim said...

Aww, Squeak had an over abundance of personality. I hope she's chasing chipmunks in heaven. You'll miss her more than you realize

Nonnie said...

Awwwww, gee. I love the tribute to your Squeaker. I've never had a cat either, but have considered it. Your pics are so good and I love Eddy wanting to love Squeak and curled up in the bed. So funny! RIP, Squeak. You had a great life with your people and you did a good job taking care of those meese!!

gin said...

Aww, so sorry. She was the Queen of the pines for sure. I love cats. My husband hates cats. So no cats for us right now. I manage to sneak one home now and then.

Munir said...

I am very sorry that you lost her. In one picture you wrote that she was napping a lot, it must have made you sad to see her getting older.
You did give her a good home and raised her from a skinny one to a well taken care of fully grown cat. I am sure she knew (some how) how lucky she had been. God Bless you.

Rest her soul.

Julia said...

I'm sorry for your loss Yaya. Even though Squeak wasn't your typical lap cat, I'm sure he will be missed. It was so kind of you to take him in when he needed a loving home. At least he was useful at catching mice and chipmunks. He was doing his job to earn his keep.

acorn hollow said...

So very sorry for your loss but what a great life she or he had! we were adopted by a cat almost the same way only she jumped in husband's truck as a kitten she was with us for 20 years and it hasn't been the same without her.
thinking of you so glad you brought her home.

Rick Watson said...

We've had kitties with similar personalities. They came and went as they pleased. Ours were undemanding except when they were hungry.
But it still made me sad when they were gone.
I know you'll miss the Squeak'ster.

selvageedge said...

I'm so sorry, Kathy. Kitties live on their own terms, but they sure curl their ways into our hearts.

Laurie said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry for your loss! RIP Squeak!

Kerri said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure you have Squeak a fantastic lucky was she to find you guys!