Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Portlandia Part 2

For the record, I've never seen the TV show "Portlandia".  However, my son was wearing a tee shirt that said Portlandia when he picked us up from the airport and somehow it fits my blog posts.  Portland is a beautiful place but it's also a traffic nightmare at times.  I'd need a good GPS to find my way around.  The kids live outside the city in a lovely neighborhood that's very hilly...great for walking if you want to really get a workout!  On Friday we were headed to the coast. I love the ocean and was really looking forward to seeing it again.  Jack isn't a sun lover because he burns quite easily but the cool...almost cold at times...breeze felt great.  He did get a burn on his face and I felt pretty bad for him the next day.  But it's all good's a good base if he wants to get a tan...a little inside joke here!
The drive to the beach is about 11/2hrs from their home and poor Sophie got a bit car sick on the way.  We pulled over to get out and give her some air.  This was a beautiful spot to stop.
I would have liked to explore the trails more if we had more time.
After a bit she was better and we headed back out.
We went to a beach called "Hug Point".  I guess the pioneers came through with their wagons, and hugged close to the rocks, and you can still see the ruts that the wagon wheels left.  There were beautiful rocks and caves and a little waterfall.  Here's a pic of my Daughter-in-law, Amy. You can see one of the caves in the background. 
Craig and I tried to be spelunkers!
He fancies himself a great explorer on this rock!
Wagon ruts?
The kids found a good resting and reading spot. It's rare to find Katie without a book in her hand.  All the kids are big readers.
Sophie found a nice warm spot for her feet!
Jack found a nice shady spot to eat lunch.
This was the top of the small waterfall and made me a bit nervous when the kids were up there!
Even though the day was cool and the water pretty cold, Taylor jumped in and played in the surf.  We all laughed when he finally came out and declared he couldn't feel his feet anymore!
Beautiful spots for a photo....and Jack had the metal detector ready!  We never found any buried treasure...darn it!
The ocean was just beautiful...
Yep, as the song goes...I do feel small when standing by the ocean.


gin said...

The ocean is beautiful! Lovely pictures of the Beach and ocean.

Rick Watson said...

Officially envious.

Julia said...

Darn it... someone got to the buried treasure first.... Oh well, it was worth the one and a half hour drive just to walk in that sand.
Such a beautiful place. It looks so peaceful and serene. I love spending time by the Bay or ocean. I say the Bay because when I go home we have the Bay De Chaleur close to my home. I haven't gone home for 6 years , since mom died. Yikes. I must go back soon. I love the salt air and the breeze and the waves crashing against the shore. So relaxing.

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

betty said...

For the record, I never heard of the term Portlandia until you mentioned it :)

Beautiful pictures of the coast!! So rugged compared to the beach in San Diego area :)

Great way to spend a day up in that area!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi again, dear YaYa! Mrs. Shady and I watched a few episodes of Portlandia a few years ago but lost interest in it. I'm sure we would both enjoy flying out west and visiting Portland (as long as a Grimm came along to protect us from Hexenbiests and other Wesen). I hope you are familiar with the hit NBC TV series that I am referencing there. :)

The beach looks pristine and the surrounding area wild, natural and beautiful. I can tell that the young and the young at heart all had a great time on that day trip. The picture of you and Jack posing together is a keeper! Tell Jack that my father was very fair skinned and burned easily. He actually dreaded family vacations at the seashore because he usually turned red as a lobster even if he was careful to stay out of the sun under the boardwalk or under a beach umbrella.

Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend YaYa!

Laurie said...

Great post, YaYa! Looks like you guys had a great time. Those wagon wheel ruts blow my mind!

Nonnie said...

I don't blame you for being nervous about the kids and those waterfalls. They make me nervous, too. Looks like a really good time and love the ocean pics - especially the one of you and your husband.
I've never heard of Portlandia either.

Becky Jerdee said...

You guys are busy, busy, busy! So glad you had a great time!