Monday, August 25, 2014

Birthday Wishes And Other "Things"

The last week of August...can you believe it?  That always brings on the Happy Birthday wish to my sweet hubby Jack....Happy Birthday Babe!  I had a low census day off today to celebrate.  Jack's response to that was: "Hey, it's my birthday and I have to work...what gives!?"  I told him:  "Yep, it's your birthday so don't you think it's great that atleast one of us gets the day off?"  I'm not sure he got my logic on that one. Me either, but I still had the day off! It gave me time to make his fav dishes..Shrimp Creole and for dessert, Texas sheet cake (with double frosting thank you very much!)
Eating, singing, cake cutting were all the fashion at the Pines tonight!
A few banners hung around and some funny cards on the mantle make it festive!  Now for the other "things" from the weekend.  We seem to be having some tree issues.  I know we're not the only ones with trees dying this Summer.  The past Winter was really hard on them.  This weekend the sound of chain saws from the neighbors and the smell of woodsmoke from the burning of branches filled the air.  Looks like we'll be doing the same thing.  A huge branch broke and fell from a tree in the backyard.
Crack! I had just been mowing under that sucker! Well, the day before this happened anyway!
I would have been under this branch if it had fallen while I was mowing! Another little tree also bit the dust.  We're getting a good start on wood for the woodstove this Winter.  Saturday night was a lovely evening to have a campfire so Jack got a fire going in the pit and we sat around and enjoyed a quiet night looking at stars and listening to the hoot owl in the Creepy Woods.  The neighbor kids did break out some firecrackers but they didn't  keep it up very long so no harm done! Another "thing"  I did was take the time to make some silly little cookies that look like hamburgers.
They were cute but too sweet for me...and that's saying a lot because I'm a sweet eater..unfortunately.   One of my other weird things I enjoy are signs...I have a few around the house. I found this one in the hospital gift shop and thought it was appropriate for me...
I do enjoy reading a good book..either with the Kindle or good old fashioned paper one.  I'm sure we'll be doing many more "things" this last week of August.  I'll try to do what Squeak does most days...sit back and enjoy the end of Summer and all the "things" that go with it.

P.S...the kiddo on the blog header this week is Katie....she's the sweetest little 12yr old around! I just love that kid!  She's the older sis to Taylor and Sophie and they are enjoying their Summer doing "things" in Oregon.  Sure miss those cuties! Thanks Katie..(her given name is Kathleen...after me!) for being the kiddo of the week!


Sweet Tea said...

Katie is adorable in the pretty red swimsuit. Brave too, to be on the diving board. Happy Birthday to your guy. Looks like you celebrated him very nicely.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa, and happy birthday, Jack! Hooray for you for having a low census day off, dear YaYa. Mrs. Shady has a very high census facing her when she returns to work tomorrow.

It so happens that we had a tree service on our property today thinning and sawing off dead tree limbs. I'm very thankful you weren't directly below that tree when the huge branch snapped off. A few years ago Toto almost got squashed when a large branch fell from a tree in our back yard.

I never saw anything like those cookieburgers of yours. What a great idea for amusing the kiddos!

It's nice to see a picture of Squeak. I wonder if he misses Eddy. I sure do.

Thanks for giving us the i.d. of Katie, the kiddo of the week out there in Oregon, Portland.

Good night, dear friend YaYa. Have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy the rest of your week!

Susan Anderson said...

Texas sheet cake is our birthday special. We all LOVE it, and that is the usual request.

Your burger cookies are adorable, by the way, and so is Katie.

Hope Jack had a wonderful birthday. I suspect he did with all of his favorite goodies. That day off benefited him, for sure!


selvageedge said...

Happy Birthday, Jack!

betty said...

Happy birthday to your husband! I get the logic of you getting to be off on his birthday :) What a great birthday dinner you made for him! Such a cute grand daughter too!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Katie is a cutie...:) Congratulations "kid of the week!"

rosaria williams said...

Ah, you made the best of a day off! Jack must have come from the south and its delectable vittles. Hope the kiddies are enjoying Portland this summer.

Nonnie said...

Happy Birthday wishes to Jack! I'm sure he was really happy you had the day off so you could surprise him with all those favorite things! Your Katie is a cutie. (And looks very brave!) Texas Sheet cake is one of my favorites, so you managed to make me drool now.

gin said...

happy birthday Jack!! I love his bday entree of choice. And the adorable cutie on your header looks like a pro on the diving board.

gin said...

happy birthday Jack!! I love his bday entree of choice. And the adorable cutie on your header looks like a pro on the diving board.