Thursday, August 14, 2014

August? Really?

I promised myself I would not complain about any hot and humid or miserable weather we could have this summer.  After last winter's bitter cold and snow that I complained and blog about constantly, I forward to this summer.  I must say..and I'm going to whisper's been a very cool and wet summer. I like it.  Not so much the wet, but the cool is saving us lots on A/C bills and making working outdoor pretty pleasant.  Swimming has been done even when the pool temp is 72de.  72de is warmer than the outside temps were today.  We had a high of 68 and tonight it's going to be 45de.  This is September weather. I know it will get warm again soon.  But in the mean time it's perfect for burning the last of the branches from the tree trimming this weekend.
Addy helped pick up branches with the hope that PawPaw would put in a fire tonight.
Which he did! That brought out the marshmellows and blankets and crazy fun around the Pines.  It also brought out a new visitor to Whispering Pines.  I think I should name him "Trapper".  Why?
Because Hawkeye might be a bit obvious!  I've seen this little one flying around and Jack and Phil spotted him sitting on the red chairs in the front yard.  He came and landed on the tripod in the tomato garden. He seems to be eyeing the Creepy Woods.  Yes, it would be a superb place to live!
I tried getting a better shot.  Not having a super great zoom lens I snuck up as close as possible until he took off into the front yard.  Maybe he (or she) already has a condo in one of the pine trees out front.  Oh well, welcome anyway!  Since I don't have chickens I guess I'm not that worried.  Squeak might want to keep a low profile on the deck however!
Here's one last moon shot from Sunday.  I found it on the camera and thought it was a bit weird....blood moon anyone? Hey, with these temps it's more like an October moon!  I failed to mention my featured Grandkiddo last week.  It was Taylor in the goggles.  It was taken a few years ago.  He's 9yrs old now. This week it's his sister too was taken a few years ago. She's 5 now and just as cute as a button.  Thanks guys for letting me feature you on the blog!


Shady Del Knight said...

Moon over Parma bring my love to me tonight.
Guide her to East Lake, underneath your silvery light.
We met in Ashtabula,
She was doing the hula.
I landed her in my radishes and pledged my love that night.

Moon over Parma, won't you bring my love to me?
Shine on the freeway
and guide her AMC.
Get her past those radar Mounties,
Bring her to Lake County,
Moon over Parma, tonight.

Moon over Parma shine on I-271.
We can get together
In the warm light of the sun.
I'm askin' you don't fail.
Get her safely past Lindale,
I can't go to Parma cause my Edsel will not run.

Moon over Parma, where those pink flamingos stand.
I need her kisses
and the soft touch of her hand.
We're goin bowlin,
so don't lose her in Solon.
Moon over Parma, tonight.

Hi, YaYa! That's a great picture of grandkiddo Sophie testing the waters in your header. Can she remember a time all those years ago when she was "young"?

I'm happy to hear the temperature has been cool enough for gardening and warm enough to use the pool. When I was a kid I never wanted summer to end and was still getting in the water in September when the grown-ups were sitting around wearing sweaters and jackets.

I hope Trapper makes W.P. or the C.W. his home so that you can get more pictures of him. Now that hungry Eddy's no longer patrolling the premises, Trapper the Hawkeye hawk doesn't have to worry about turning into MASH. :)

Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend YaYa!

Julia said...

Sweet picture for your header.
Roasting marshmallows and keeping warm in blankets brings lots of memories for me.

It's starting to feel like fall here too and we're having a lot of rain again.

Having your own private hawk is pretty cool too.

Julia said...
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Julia said...
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Julia said...
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Julia said...

The comment wasn't sending and I triple clicked in frustration and it went. Sorry

Christina said...

Awesome moon picture! It was cloudy here, so we were very bummed! Sophie is such a cutie patootie! It has been a cooler summer here, too, like last year was. I'll take it! We've only had like three days in the triple digits. I think mostly we've had 80's. Not too bad for South Kakalaki!

111 LaLa Lane said...

Coming from a steam bath in the south, I never knew people could have such pleasant summers.....I've been in Colorado for the last 3 weeks and I think the highest it has been here since we arrived was 72 degrees. If it wasn't so far from home, I would stay here. I could get used to the pleasant days real quick. Oh well, have to go home soon...back to the hot and humid. Maybe I missed the worst of it. I am starting to miss home, so I guess I'll have to take whatever Mother Nature has in store. Hope you continue to have pleasant summer days.

Kim said...

We haven't had the cool down yet. (I shouldn't complain but.....). Cool moon shot. It does look like an October moon

betty said...

Such adorable grands you have! I liked the pictures of the hawk! I would have enjoyed watching it as it came to visit you.

It really seems like an odd weather year for so many people. We have had lots more muggy than we usually get here and I know people are getting more rain than normal and cooler weathers. I wonder what the winter will hold in store for us.

Great picture of the moon too!



I've been so remiss in writing blogs and reading them, I should get five lashes. It's been a busy summer here in the country at my house. Kiddies were here over a month off and on. Different ones. Whew. Wore me out. I love this weather too Yaya. No complaints here. I'm afraid to think what we'll get for winter. For now I'm loving every day. Hugs from me to you!

joanne said...

I haven't had much blog energy lately, not even a weather report. It has been nice here, not wet, but I can feel summer being kicked to the curb a little too soon.

Stephanie Faris said...

Ooh. The blood moon always creeps me out. I assume it's because I've seen too many vampire movies!

Kay G. said...

OH, that little Sophie is adorable, I love that photo of her reaching for the water, that's one to treasure.
I would love that cooler weather too, we have had a touch of it, but could use more! xx

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What adorable children!! Just beautiful!
That's a great picture of the moon..sort of creepy though. Fall cannot come soon enough but I know I should nto be pushing time! LOL
And then that hawk. Interesting that he is looking the oposite way away from you. Must have been hunting.

selvageedge said...

I'm LOVING this summer's weather. Of course, my favorite season is autumn, and that's what the last few months have felt like!

Stacy Crawford said...

Perfect summer. We were just talking yesterday about how beautiful it is. I need to break out the marshmallows.

Willow said...

That is quite the moon ` awesome and bloody eerie~ yet beautiful !
Glad Eddy came for a visit ( responding to your comment now) ~ you must miss him , heck I miss him .lol