Saturday, February 22, 2014

Help Me..I'm Melting!

We've had a strange thing happen here at the Pines..and all over Ohio I'm assuming.  The weather has warmed up a bit.  It's been in the 40's and 50's the past few days. Of course just warming up would be too easy. It had to start out with torrential rains, thunder and lightning and let's not forget flooding.  With all the snow that fell last week and, let's face it, all Winter, it's not surprising things would flood.  The sun even came out.  I can't account for Friday since I didn't get out of work until it was almost dark, but today was marvelous! I took a walk around the Pines to see how it was doing. The yard is saturated..squishy..muddy...not pretty.  I found this along the way:
The fire ring almost visible!
The amazing, shrinking, Grandkiddo snowman...or woman....or something!
Snowman wantabe.
Yes, snow still exists...but the paths are well defined!
The Creepy Woods is barren and you can see for miles.
A creek (or perhaps you pronounce it "crick") runs through it...finally melted open.  February has a habit of throwing you off. You might be fooled into thinking Spring's not far...then's cold and snowy again.  So I just try to enjoy each gift like today and shrug off the rest. One more week until the shortest month is over..then the countdown really begins! I have one more "melting" to show you.  It's the heart melting kind. Our good friends, the Crawfords, are sending their son Dakota off next week on his mission.  Today was his farewell party.
It was a well attended icecream bash.  All came out to wish him well in this next 2yrs of service as a missionary for the Church.
Take care Elder Crawford! We love you !


Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear friend YaYa! I'm spooked! That first picture, the fire ring, reminds me of the mysterious crop circles left by alien invaders. The second, the shrinking snowman, looks like the climax to the 1951 movie The Thing in which James Arness, the carrot from another world, is zapped with an arc of electricity. The Creepy Woods looks plenty creepy in the daytime. I wonder what it would be like to hike a half mile into it and spend the night in a sleeping bag! Fun fun fun!

Congratulations to Dakota Crawford as he embarks on his missionary service.

I hope you, Jack, Eddy, your mother, brothers, grandkiddos and the rest of your family are well and having a great weekend, YaYa!

Willow said...

Yaya I am Glad to see there are paths appearing in the creepy woods ~ hee hee
Hope you are enjoying the weekend !

Nonnie said...

I'm melting!! One of my favorite lines! It has to be a good feeling to see the ground again after all the snow you've had. I can hardly believe it is almost Spring. I think it is a "creek" running through the woods. Wish you could just send some of that rain down our way. Our lakes are drying up.

Congratulations to the young man, Dakota.

acorn hollow said...

we had some rain and then we had some really nice weather but there is no ground to be seen! we are still pretty deep in snow.
and the cold weather is coming back:(

Rick Watson said...

Yep, we've looked for locusts here. It was in the 70s today but we could get snow by Wednesday.
Go figure.

111 LaLa Lane said...

I'm being selfish...I don't want your snow to melt. It's too pretty. I think you have the right idea to just accept and enjoy what your weather brings next. Oh wait, I see your pines. You need help....I'll be arriving on the next train.

Donna said...

What a nice picture of Dakota! And "bash" as well.
yep, glad to see the snow melt. It's last to melt in our hollow, too low I guess. And the driveway by the house never gets sun so it's still ice....but there's hope.

Sad to see you didn't leave work till late Friday. :-(

Stacy Crawford said...

It was a great weekend.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

A church family is SO rewarding! :) So is a blog family. Just sayin' they say.
Big hugs,

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh dear. I meant to say I loved taking a walk with you around the Pines..even's lovely. What kind of wild animals, if any, visit you from the woods?


Thanks for stopping by to read and comment on my post re: the loss of my husband. I'm learning to cope alone. Some days anyway! Appreciate your thoughts.
It helps to know others care. Thanks God for my family. WE don't realize what they mean to us until we have a loss such as this and then we are able to lean on each other. Always enjoy reading your posts.
The snow it nearly gone here and it's snowing tonight with a weather advisory all night. Jeez. Come on daffodils and sunshine! Hugs.

Becky Jerdee said...

Sounds like a January the olden days. These days everything is off a month!

Munir said...

We had just about one day of melt down and now back to freezing.