Monday, May 16, 2011

Two's Company...Four's A Family

I'm a firm believer that every person has a story to tell. We may think our lives are boring, or simple, or just plain everyday..but if we look close it's there. Our Story...but then there are the folks that truly have an amazing tale to tell. Vicki and her hubby Tom have that story. I keep telling her she should do a blog...but she's happy just stalking other people's blogs! Hi Vicki, I know you're there! I won't tell her story, because truly, it's hers to tell. But I can say she's having twins in July..a boy and a girl. Miracles happen people. To help celebrate this miracle, we had a baby shower at Church last Thursday. It was fun and there were many people, and gifts, and cutesy stuff to fill a mini van..wait, they don't have a mini van..not yet anyway! So here is a pic of our sweet Vicki...she wanted one taken of her pregnant.
Yep, you'd better take some time for a quick snooze a few months napping will only be a fond memory.
So what makes a fun shower? Family:
Yummy food and so attractive too!
Centerpieces to make the tables pretty.
Elyse and Chelsea..two cute sistas!, the reason we gather! So much cute in one place should be against the law..but don't we all love it? Especially when it's someone else having to take it home...and have the kiddos!
Baby shower gift cakes are so fun..and Vicki got this pink one and a matching blue one.
As you can tell from the previous pics, these babies got a ton of fun stuff, but I loved these blankets. They were crocheted by Chelsea, one of the cute Sistas pictured soft and pretty!
What the heck are you doing Jo?
Yep, the old guess the candy in the diaper game. No baby shower would be complete without this one.
I think Ginger's face is self explanatory.
Congrats Vicki and Tom...may the force be with you! Now Vicki, if you don't do a blog, I think a book would be in order. Just sayin'


Stacy Crawford said...

That shower was soooooo much fun! I enjoyed myself and was just excited for Vickie to have that experience! Can't wait to see the babies.

Sue said...

Looks like a very good time was had by all. But that diaper thing is seriously gross!


Anonymous said...

Lovely post! I agree - everyone does have a story and your twin mum to be has such a lovely one to come!

Thank you so much for the love on my blog today! :)

Munir said...

Congratulations to Vickie and Tom. I like the way you posted the details of the shower.
You are right about not getting much sleep after a baby, but every little bit of work is so worth while.

Bonnie said...

Everyone seriously does have a story to tell. Every person is interesting in his or her own way -- as long as he or she is willing to show it. I wish more people had blogs because, really, everyone deserves one.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

karen said...

That diaper game is so disgusting, but always good for lots of laughs. Twins are a real reason to celebrate - how fun that so many people celebrated with them!

CHERI said... wonderful, especially since it's one of each:) Congrats to the Mommy & Daddy! I would love to hear Vickie's story...maybe one day she will share or either give you permission to share. I have a feeling it's an absolutely wonderful one. I pray that all goes well and they all live happily ever after.

selvageedge said...

Mmmm... Raisinettes!

Catch the Kids said...

What joy lies ahead. And how little sleep! Having been there, I know! Best wishes to the Mum and Dad-to-be for healthy, happy babies.