Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunshine On My Shoulders

This winter all I complained about was the cold and snow..and the snow and cold. Now that it's Spring all I complain about is the rain and cold, and rain, and the rain. Our yard is soggy in a few spots..very soggy. I had the brilliant idea of mowing between rain drops the other day. Unfortunately I chose to mow down by the creek. What a goofy move that was. I ended up in a mud mess that took Jack and me 3hrs to get out of. It's a long and sad tale, but it has a happy ending. We were able to get the mower to dry ground, get all the nooks and crannies cleaned out, fixed up, and on it's way. It was a lovely sunny day today and I took advantage of every minute by mowing and trimming and getting the yard back to normal..almost. We still have a really wet, soggy area that needs some help. But here is a pic Jack thought was blog worthy of me under the mower doing a little help with the maintenance. He did most of it...notice all the mud on the mower? That was from me.
Rain or not, Spring is springing out all over the Pines. Most of my bushes and flowers are blooming despite the cooler temps. Days like today where it reached 73de. really helps to bring it all on. Here are just a few pics of our foliage. I call this my snowball bush. It's really a white hydrangea.
This is the only azalea that I have but it's a really pretty shade and I have just the spot for another one. They only bloom for a short while, but I do like them.
The fountain is bubbling away. I moved it to the front of the house and it's nice to sit and listen to it when you're in the dining room or the kitchen.
The Dogwoods are almost done blooming and as you can see, we did have sun for a bit...I say a bit because after today rain is coming yard is never going to dry out.


Donna said...

Your yard is always beautiful and your mowing extraordinary! You are a pro! The flowers are so pretty! Every time I see our azaleas, I remember when you gave them to me. The gift that keeps on giving! look pretty good in mud! It was great to have good weather!

CHERI said...

Sure wish you could send some of that rain our way. It is very dry here and farmers are already irrigating. I am very worried it will be a long, dry summer. Too bad I can't send you some of our "warmth" and you could send me some of the wet stuff & coolness. Of course, I'd love to send the gnats somewhere, too, but I wouldn't dare send them to my friends:)

Sue said...

Your "snowball bush" is gorgeous!


Stacy Crawford said...

Who works on a muddy mower in a white shirt? Can I send my whites your way?

I love your snowball bush too. Kyle cut mine back so far it never came back.

Catch the Kids said...

You look so impressive working on that mower. I wouldn't know which way to point ours. There's two things I am hopeless with - mowers and barbeques!

Love your azaleas and hydrangeas. And looking forward to more pretty photos as the season warms.

rosaria said...

I have one of those bushes and didn't know what it was called. Hang in there, soon you'll dry up and then you have something else to worry about. Love the expanse of grass among your flowering bushes.

Amy and Craig said...

The yard looks great. it's nice to enjoy it through sunny pix and avoid all the rain and bugs (we've got enough of that up here!!).

karen said...

I think I love the "snowball bush" best - it's beautiful! Your yard is beautiful- I don't know whether you think its worth all the work, but since I don't have to do it, I definitely think it's worth it! How handy are you, you little mechanic?

Z said...

It's one of those "separated by a common language" things - a yard, over here, means a small enclosed area, paved or concreted, not a wonderful garden with a lawn like yours!

We haven't had any rain to speak of for weeks. I've got sedums that are wilting! The grass is brown as if it is August, I have never in my life seen such a dry spring.