Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm So Thankful for Family

This is a long post, but we've had a full week of fun and celebrating and I couldn't leave out too much! Wednesday was Jackie's birthday (I'm the only one who calls him that)We had some yummy cake and icecream and got ready for Thanksgiving the next day.
Can you guess his age by reading his candles? Our kids keep getting older, but we don''s a miracle.
Here's a recipe for a great Thanksgiving...start out with the delish veggie tray:
Sprinkle liberally with a tastey turkey:
Add in a great crowd and let the fun begin!
Katie thinks dinner is all about the rolls...YUM
Taylor fills up his tummy!
Would someone please take out the trash? Oh, sorry ladies!
After dinner it's tradition to bring out the guns and bow and arrows to shoot pumpkins. We never got to the pumpkins and bows and arrows, but everyone enjoyed the guns. Are we small town hicks or what? Phil shows off his big GUNS:
Leisy channels Annie Oakley. Watch out Kent, she's packing heat!
Addy shows off her pearly whites!
Alexis has a smile for Turkey Day!
Hmm...prizes for surviving the day?
It's all about the PIE:
Card Sharks...look out!
Amy and cutie Sophie
Taylor, Laney and Hank

Oh boy, now here's trouble!


Christina said...

I was so glad that Craig, Amy, and the kids were able to come to see you guys for Thanksgiving! (I was not glad for us, but I was glad for you! haha):)

Beth said...

Looks like you had a wonderful week! I'm glad you had your family all around! Food looks delish and the activities fun!!

Donna said...

What a wonderful post!! You had a FULL house!! I know Jack(ie's) real age because he's just a year older than my boys...Happy BD Jack!! How fun for Amy to have friends and cousins there. You didn't get to your arrows?? You are the master! The turkey looked great too! But where's the pic of Taylor and Katie in their O.R. garb?? They are all too cute!!!!Glad you had a good visit!

Donna said...

By the look as young as the "girls" in the last good lookin' chic!!!

Kent and Leisy said...

we had so much fun, yaya! thank you so so much for everything. and tell your boys thanks for the shooting! I loved it.