Sunday, October 26, 2014

Slip Sliding Away

With the wind at it's peak, the leaves were falling fast!  Our color for this Fall season is almost at an end.  We took a few small drives around town and caught some last minute color last weekend.
  Moving on down the road....
So pretty...

This is a lane worth taking a stroll down. More color showed up during the week. I made a special cake for a co-worker's birthday.  She called in sick the day I brought it!
I made one like this last year for a party and thought it would be fun to try again. The next day all that was left was this:
Spooky huh? As this month slips away, pumpkin carving is a must:
Phil and Lexi and Addy (enjoying the pumpkin goo) sliced and diced into jack-o-lantern perfection:
Not all color was orange this week.  A wee bit of tan in the form of an apple pie:
Take a deep breath and enjoy the cinnamon, apple and spice love! Yum! Grab a  camera, take a hike, smell the wet leaves, carve a pumpkin, wear a costume, hand out some goodies, and enjoy this final week of my favorite month!
Goodnight all!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Come To The Pines

We gather together every October for a small family harvest/Halloween dinner.  In the past we carved pumpkins but this year we just did an outside campfire and weinie roast...come to the Pines and see what we done did!
You'll be greeted by this charming fellow if you can find our lane between the big pine trees.
Follow Jack up the drive...
Don't be frightened  by the crazy haunted house..
However, these cousin monsters might frighten you!
Grab a plate and settle by the fire...what are we having you ask...
Halloween pasta salad with these:
Pasta shapes of spiders, pumpkins and bats of course!
I spy deviled eggs that just might spy back at you...
But these bat icecream sandwiches will delight all ages!
Cameron says YUM!
Beware of sipping the brew from a skull goblet....
Careful by the fire...the smoke might get in your eyes.
Or you might have to go long for a quick pass by Cam and Anthony! never know...a goblin could pass by!
Wrap up in a's chilly tonight!
Handing out Booger candy seemed like a good idea...until a big kid got hold of them!
Be careful to not "get the finger"...the witches finger I mean!
It was a fun afternoon of food, fire, kiddos, big kiddos and a beautiful sunset to go home by...hope you enjoyed your Fall visit to the Pines!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Getting Ready For The Big "H"

Do you like Halloween?  I know there are some who really think it's a pagan holiday of evil and others think it's just a fun day for kids and candy.  I am caught in-between!  Really, I've celebrated Halloween since I was a fetus and haven't turned to the dark side yet, so I'm fairly confident I can continue in my decorating frenzy and fun times of this crazy time of year.  If you are of the "don't even talk about this evil day" kind of person, I respect that.  Please don't look at the following pics:
I'm having a little gathering on Oct. 31st and I'm readying the Pines for the hauntingly good times and the spooktacular dinner I have planned.  Just a small group of revelers but it should be fun.  I'm not done yet...but here's a teaser anyway. The kitchen has a fireplace mantle too, but it's not too scary:
See...not so bad! Well, to end this tirade I'll just post a few Eddy pics from last Sunday. We took a little stroll in the Creepy Woods.
He was super excited to visit his old haunts....(I know, more Halloween language)
These lovely lilac colored flowers line the paths everywhere and are so pretty.
Did you loose a feather in your cap?
This could be the perfect hanging tree....If I were having a haunted woods this year it would be the perfect spot for some fun.....
The look on Eddy's face says: "Yaya, get over the spook stuff...this is all about me today!"

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Not Working Retired

Wow, it's a red letter week with me posting twice!  I mentioned to Jack that it seems like we have been on a dead run since Fall began.  I wish it was because I was doing some fabulous things, but really it's just been normal work at home...and OK, we did play hooky last weekend and enjoyed our Saturday adventures.  But I wanted to tell about another activity I enjoyed.  Last Friday I went to a retirement party for one of my co-workers (who just happens to also be a neighbor!).  Elaine has worked at our hospital for 45yrs as a dedicated RN.  Samaritan Hospital used to have a nursing school attached to it. Elaine graduated from there and has worked with SamHO ever since.  She's one of those people that never gets angry.  Well, I've never seen her angry anyway! She always has a smile on her face, a quiet demeanor, a class act.  A good nurse.  She and her hubby are moving to Florida and the house is up for sale.  I wish her tons of happiness, sunshine and no snow for once in her life! Here are a few pics from the evening.
Here she is with that special smile!
The gifts and cards
The beautiful flowers. Donna (Starkey Hollow), made the pumpkin one! So cute!
Donna and I made a candy bar card for her....if you've never made one of these you should give it a fun! Just get candy bars and substitute them for telling Elaine she was a "Lifesavor" for her patients..see..easy!
We got her the usual timepiece that retirement folks get. But ours is so pretty and special. The picture on the face is Samaritan Hospital as it looked back in the 1920's. It's from an old postcard from that era. I noticed the date on the postcard as 1910.  It must have been an architect's drawing of the then, future hospital, since SamHo wasn't built until the 1920's.  I love the saying: "When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece" true for her!  She wasn't the only one retiring this month.  One of our Docs...Dr. Krish...retired after 40yrs.  He's a urologist and I'm going to post some pics that I took today at our "carry-in" luncheon we had for him.  One of our talented nurses made a very special cake for him.  Now, you have to remember that we're a weird group with bathroom humor...especially if a party is for a urologist.  So pardon the cake and it's meaning...well, it was really funny!
Here's Doctor Krish (on the left), his lovely wife, and a photo bomb in the back on the TV! 
Donna and I made him a candy bar card too! He loved it! We also had his personal X-Ray apron framed.  Many moons ago he purchased an apron that had a big smiley face on the front with his initials embroidered in the corner. It was blue striped and so cute.  But the best part was the fact it was nice and light to wear. (shhhh..I usually stole wore it when he wasn't working!)  We only had the smiley face part framed..anyway I forgot to snap a pic of it..dang it!  He loved that too, but really the crazy cake stole the show....I could tell a funny story about it, but I'm going to refrain....Anyway, I hope both these folks enjoy retirement...I hope they have as many years of retirement as they had working to get to this point. Also, I'm jealous.......
However, I don't want this kind of cake when I leave...seriously.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ready For Adventure

Today Jack and I decided we would go on an adventure...our way of saying that all the "to do" items on our list were going to have to wait because we were going to play instead!  We weren't all bad...we did do some quick, that's about it!  We decided to head to Butler, Ohio and go to the Prairie Peddler festival. We used to go every year but have passed it up for a few years due to our schedules or family things.   The weather wasn't perfect....not at all!  But we knew with temps in the 30's and wind and a mix of rain and snow...yep, I said the "S" word...snow...the crowds would be light. 
You can see the leaves are well on their way to beautiful.
Can you see the white spots on my hair and coat..yeah, snow! It was weird weather...rain, then snow, then sun, then repeat! When the winds picked up you knew the wet would begin!
The Peddler is a huge craft, art, music, and food bonanza.  The smell of wood smoke and outdoor cooking is fabulous! 
The paths run through the woods and craft booths line the walkways.
Jack seemed pleased with this booth..not girlie, crafty junk...
Stuffed dead animals...well, I guess you could say there was something for everyone!
This vendor used tree branches as a covering for his booth...clever!
This was a huge pot of homemade veggie soup....yum!
There was every kind of goody you could want.  On a cold day all the hot soups, chocolate, chili and desserts hit the spot.
Jack enjoyed Bison Chili.
I chose a family knows it's my fav!
Music is played all over the place and enjoyed by all....this stage had covering against the elements..much needed today!
Surprises never know who would sit down for a little chat!After hours of walking around the Peddler we headed for home.  But that was just a pit stop on our adventure filled day.  We needed pumpkins and corn stalks for the outside of the Pines so we headed out to a pumpkin place we found out about a few years ago. The pumpkins are cheap...$2 a piece....and so are the corn stalks.  So out we went.
The pumpkins were still in the fields and we had to go pick our own. I really wasn't counting on doing that!  We followed the paths around the fields until we found this place...
I thought it looked a bit creepy! We did finally find a spot to stop and pick some gourds..
We went back to pay for everything and get our corn stalks.  That little Jeep was full to the brim! As we were heading out, a fresh batch of stalks was heading in:
By horse and wagon of course...this is Amish country after all!  Poor Jack had to share the front seat with not only me..but some stalks too!
So our excellent adventure came to stop and we were tired and cold and ready to call it quits.  So what do you think I bought at the festival?  Truly, I need nothing and was happy to just browse and enjoy the atmosphere of Fall....but then I saw this little thing and decided to grab it..
It just had my name written all over it!