Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time Of Reflection

I did something a bit out of my "box".   A friend of mine belongs to the Presbyterian Church in our little town.  They were doing something they had never done before and she invited me to go with her to experience it.  They put a labyrinth in the middle of their Sanctuary and after reading an article  about it's meaning and how to navigate it, we walked the labyrinth together.  It was interesting and certainly a time for meditation and reflection...along with prayer.  The newspaper did a little paragraph about it:   "The procedure of  labyrinth walking is divided into three phases: the journey inward,  a pause for prayer or meditation at the center and the return journey" We went in and read some instructions on how this was to be done and some history about labyrinth walking.  The church was lovely and the music was very angelic.  (Although my friend didn't enjoy the music as much as I did!)  I liked the music because it kept me focused on prayer and meditating.  My mind wanders so much when I try to meditate in a quiet place! (I think I probably have some alphabetic disorder.. ADDHXYZ...or something) So the music helped!  We walked quietly and reverently.  I'm betting this experience meant more to some than others.  I think many people are looking for "something" in this world.  Whether it's a spiritual experience or answers to prayers or help in life, people will seek out these opportunities in many different ways.  I can't say I had any huge awakening to my soul, (I'm very happy in my own religion of choice...The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints)  but taking time to ponder and pray is always time well spent....especially this week before Easter.  I have a strong faith and love what my Savior, Jesus Christ has done for me.  I love the Easter season.  I grew up Catholic and also celebrated "Greek (orthodox) Easter with my Mom's family.  It was a special time of traditions, fasting, prayer, and then the big feast.  No matter how or what you may believe, or if you even take this time to celebrate Easter, I wish you peace, happiness and love.  Here's a photo of  the labyrinth.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Today we woke up to this:

The last 3 days were in the 70's...Today my car thermometer said 31de when I was driving home. There were so many titles for this post I would have loved to used, but my Mom would have washed my mouth out with soap...nuff said.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Whistle While You Work

The weather is amazing this weekend! I have waited a long time to say that! It's been a week since I've blogged so I really want to put this up today to prove that it's not all gloom and snow here at the Pines.  (Well, snow is coming on Tuesday but I'm trying to block that out!) It's been in the mid 70's and yesterday I finally got to the yard work that needed to get started.
Flowerbeds needed to be cleaned out,
Sticks and limbs needed gathered to later be put in the fire pit for our first official fire of Spring!
As you can see, the trees are still bare.
But a walk in the woods later in the day had me rejoicing over this little clump of daffodils sitting in the middle of nowhere.  They come up every year in this crazy spot and I'm glad to see they decided to come back! I even have some coming up all over the Pines.  I'll have to pick them soon because the weather is going to get cold on Tuesday and I'm sure they'll not enjoy that!
Eddy was loving the sun in the morning.
As we were walking in the Creepy Woods, we came across a tree that came down in the wind we had last week.
Jack's not perplexed on how to get over it...he's just dreaming about getting his chain saw out and starting on firewood for Winter...oohhhh, it's that (W) word!
Eddy had no problem clearing the tree to head back for the fire pit.
The sticks and big branches were put to good use.  We sat around the fire in the evening thinking about all we accomplished.  I think I was working about 4hrs just raking and clearing out the old so the new growth will have a happy spot to sprout! I even have a bit of sunburn to prove it!
The fire pit wasn't the only thing burning brightly...the sun set on 2 very tired but satisfied folks...and one sleepy dog!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Wanderings

We actually didn't really wander at all this weekend.  It was more a weekend of "pondering" I guess.  It was General Conference weekend and we stayed home Saturday afternoon to listen to the talks from church leaders out in Salt Lake.  The messages were all good and I felt many directed at me! (I mean, it's all about me isn't it?...That's an inside joke!)  Saturday morning was all about getting chores done and errands run so we could sit and ponder the messages in the afternoon.  Sunday was more of the same.  Jack usually has early morning meetings at church on Sunday so he was able to sleep in for once.  We took a nice leisurely walk in the Creepy Woods with Eddy and then put the finishing touches for our dinner that afternoon.  Our oldest son Jack was coming over with his kiddos and his girlfriend, Evelyn. We had only met her once before and we had a lovely time getting to know her better.  She's a sweetie and I know we'll have many more times to get better acquainted. Again, the messages were spot on and the music from the Tabernacle Choir was awesome.  It was a quiet, but lovely weekend.
Jack and Evelyn.  She wanted to know what a blog is all about so I had the fun of showing her my blog books and our blog.  Looking at the books she said they were like a journal.  To that I had to agree and I said it was the reason I blog.  I hope someday my books will be of interest to my family. 
My Granddaughter Summer and her Dad looking over the books and laughing at some of the entries.   Yep, blogging has made keeping a journal easier for me.  Lately I've been pondering the idea of quitting the blog or taking a "blog break".  It takes time and effort and sometimes I really wonder if it matters to anyone but me.  Having them enjoy the books has made me rethink that for now.
My other Granddaughter, Driana, had come the day before to cut my hair and we had a really great talk.  She's such a cool kiddo and a hard worker.  She wants to do social work and is almost done with her first year of college. Amazing...again, time does fly! I happened to have today, Monday, off from work and went to my first water aerobics class.  My knee has made doing exercise difficult but today was a blast. It was fun to jog, doing jumping jacks and a ton of other stuff with no stress to my joints.  I'll be doing the classes mostly at night since I don't always have days off during the week. I forgot to take some pics so I'll have to do better at that next time! So, although we stayed close to the Pines, it was a lovely, quiet, family filled weekend.  Just the pondering ticket I needed to get this week on the right track!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I can remember turning 30.  For some reason I struggled with that milestone.  I know I've mentioned it on my blog before.  I got over it and moved on. I even went so far as to have a baby the next year.  Which brings me to today.  30 years ago today I had my youngest son, Jordan.  He is at the milestone that took my breath away and somehow I just have to shake my head to realize how fast time flies and how it stands still for nobody.  Jordan was my buddy when he was little. He held the "baby of the family" status.   He and I spent a lot of time in the car the store the house life in general together!  He's a good guy.  He's the one who gets the "Hey, I'm moving, can you come and help?" call...and he always comes and helps.  We got him a tee-shirt that says "Big Ape Moving Company".  He's hard working, loves animals (more than people!),  has a very quick wit and has his own opinions and views on life that suit him just fine.  He doesn't ever want to marry or have kiddos....of course that can change with time and the right woman to trap him...I mean change his ideas on that subject!  He's done some stand up comedy.  He wanted to challenge himself to get out of his element.  I was surprised because he's really a quiet guy..sort of.  He enjoyed it a lot and I think he would love to make that his life's work.  Someday perhaps...right now he'll keep his day job!  He's been living with us for the last couple of years. I guess he fits the term I heard the other day..."boomerang kids".  He's saved his pennies and paid off all debts and is looking to buy a house for himself and his dog, Eddy the Boxer.  We'll miss him and Eddy but I'll be happy he's not the sterotype of a 30yr old living in his parents basement...even if he does pay rent for the privilege!  So a big Happy Birthday to  you Jord.  Glad you weren't  born on April 1st...your Dad wouldn't allow it!  You had the last laugh weighing in at 10lbs, 8oz and making me have a C-section for the 4th and last kiddo!  Here's a few of my fav pics of him:
My giant 4 month old!  He's still a tall drink of water!
He didn't seem to mind his Mom with an attitude....his first Halloween.
He loved his first dog Ferris.  When he was 3 we went to the dog pound and he picked him out. 15yrs later he and I and Jack stood and cried together when Ferris had to be put down. 
He and his other favorite dog! Yep, time goes so fast.  We've had the good, the bad, and ugly times too, but all's good today!  You'll always be my baby anyway! Happy 30th!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Message From The Weather Channel

Yes, interesting weather we've been having.  When the groundhog said "6 more weeks of W (the W word)" I was OK with that.  When the calendar said Spring started on the 20 of this month, I was happy about that.  I thought I understood what the term "Spring Snow" meant.  What I didn't "get" was when the 6 weeks turned into 8 and the Spring Snow was going to continue until June when Summer starts.  Ok, I know it won't snow until June...(I hope).  Yesterday we had what the video showed.  So what does a girl do when faced with a chilly, snowy weekend?  Make pizzas!
Very Yummy!
Good to the last bite!  That helped us get through Saturday night.  When I got up Sunday I was blasted with sunshine and crystal blue skies.  Too pretty to not click a pic...even with the white stuff on the Pines!
The view from the backyard was just as lovely.
The sun was rising above the trees but I'm doubting it will make the pool ready for humans!
Eddy, did you forget to carry your play thing to the garage?
I'm also thinking not too many will want to take a seat....
The ones in the front of the house aren't looking too inviting either.  So what's a girl to do while the sun melts the snow on a Sunday afternoon?  Make a chicken pot pie of course!
Better hurry over if you want a slice.  It's going fast!  After seeing the images from Washington State and hearing about the earthquakes out in California,  I have nothing to complain about. Our weather is actually suppose to warm up this week.  So I hope everyone is safe and healthy and having a happy Sunday. Amen

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Journal Journey

 Some of my blog buddies write a post daily....and God love 'em because I'm not that faithful.  I do however use my blog as a journal tool. I love to go back and read what was happening last year or 6yrs ago!  I like to see what the weather was like in Spring of 2012, or 2013 or 2008.  What I discovered was half the time we had lovely warm and sunny days and the other half were like Tuesday of this week.  Here's a look at March 25, 2014:
2 of my co-workers walking with me over to our employee parking lot...a 1/4mi from the hospital.  The day started out sunny and ended up in a mini blizzard. Click on the pics to really get a feel of the wind, snow and cold.
Selfie of snow on my roof...I mean my hood!
Looking out the side window to say hi to everyone...if anyone was even out there!
That's as far as I could see on my road.
Soon the pine trees were coming into view! Almost home! It was a scary ride with white outs and very windy conditions.  Just another day in paradise! It has cleared up and tomorrow we're expecting temps in the 50's with rain...never a dull moment! Here's a few other moments of my week in my journal journey:
This is a lovely canvas art piece that I picked up at my favorite little shop: The Parsley Pot. My photo does not do it justice. It's very peaceful to look at and the reason is this:
The lights in the trees light up...flicker even! Makes it very pretty and fun to watch. It reminds me of Summer...after looking at my first pics , can you see how I was enticed to purchase it? Thankfully I had a gift certificate from Christmas burning a hole in my wallet.  Thanks Jack!  I'm now up to today in my journal journey....I got home a bit earlier than usual and made a batch of these:
Then I made a favorite of Jack's for dinner.  Tuna casserole.  Maybe not everyone's cup of favorite dinners, but he likes it!
When my kids were little they always called it "tuna una".  I have no rhyme or reason to why that happened, but to this day that's what we call's a tuna mystery I guess. Finally I must end with this mug:
Mr. Eddy....he had to go to the Vet for a check-up and some shots..ouch! He was very good and was declared a healthy guy for another year.  I now can rest easy having put my week in print so I can look back at this time next year and hopefully have warm sunny skies to compare this nasty weather week too!  Wait! One last pic in this photo blitz.  I was going through some old pics to put onto a disk and I found this one:
It was taken at my in-law's place we lovingly called "The Farm"...What I remember about the day was the heat...super hot and humid...the photographer, not so kids, not so happy to be sitting in the grass with a tie and white shirt on. (my youngest son, Jordan has a fake smile on and the cutest curly hair...he'll be 30 next week! Ahhh! )  Since this is a journal tool for me I think a post about "The Farm" is in order.  We had many good memories and fun times there...except for this day!  Thanks for coming on my journal journey today.