Monday, April 4, 2016

Everyone's Talking

If you lived in Ashland, the talk around the water cooler or the operating room today was the crazy weather we had this weekend.  I found out I wasn't the only one who mowed grass while the snow flakes flew...makes me feel a bit less crazy!  Sad faces and angry curses were talked about as it snowed outside today too.  However, it didn't stick on the ground.   Unlike yesterday.  We woke up to this view:
We were having the kids and grandkiddos over to celebrate a late Easter since we couldn't have them last weekend due to Spring break vacations and such.  I asked Jack if we should put up the Christmas tree instead!  I had him put a fire in the kitchen fireplace...first one all year!
The gang arrived around 2pm for dinner and also to celebrate Jordan's birthday.  He turned 32 on Saturday.  We had an Easter egg hunt all ready for the kids and after dinner the weather had improved considerably...all the snow was gone and temps were around 50de.  Heat wave!
See the difference? Lexi is hunting eggs without a coat on.  Her sister made me shiver however when she was egg hunting without a coat or sweater in a sleeveless number.
We grow them tough up North! Glad she had on her rain boots as the yard was still pretty wet.
Since we put money in the eggs it wasn't hard to convince the older Grands to hunt for eggs.  We had to tease them though because the youngest kids had found all their eggs first!  We had to help the older ones out! 
Jack and Jordan (with Evelyn on the side) are laughing at something....
They were chuckling at these two new besties....Happy, my Granddaughter Summer's dog, and Chubbs.  Happy was happy to follow him around all day!  Both are sweet, good natured dogs.
Cameron is pretty fond of Happy too!
After the hunt everyone came back inside to sing  "Happy Birthday" to Jordan and eat some cake and ice cream.  Not sure what deep conversation these brothers were having.  I felt bad that I didn't get a pic of Jordan blowing out all 32 candles in one breath!  I was too busy singing I guess!  All in all, even with the weird weather pattern we had, the day was great.  The sun shone and the snow melted and no eggs were lost!   Hopefully today family is talking about what fun we had instead of the crazy weather!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa!

(Everybody sing!)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Everywhere you go... in Ashland, O-Hi-O

I think the Yeti's prognostication the other day was right on target. :) That first picture would make a lovely postcard. "Greetings from Barrow, Alaska. Wish you were here." :)

I have many fond memories of Easter egg hunts and, as I'm sure I told you, coloring eggs by the dozen with Lions Club families for their annual community hunt.

Happy 32nd birthday to Jordan! (Shady's more than double that age.) It was nice to see those two cute pooches enjoying each other, but I can't help asking the obvious. Where was Eddy? I hope my old buddy is alright. Would you please let me know in your next comment on my blog? My next post is Wednesday if you want to wait until then.

Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend YaYa!

Julia said...

All's well that ends well even with this crazy weather. I'm glad the Easter egg hunt went on with success. Happy Birthday to Jordan. You're way ahead than us with a nice green lawn. I don't know what's going on but I found a mosquito in the car yesterday and I found on in the upstair bathroom. I'm not ready for them...

gin said...

Happy Birthday Jordan! I love the bribe of money in the eggs to hunt. Great fun I'm sure.

shortybear said...

happy birthday Jordan.

betty said...

Happy birthday to Jordan! I like the idea of putting money in the eggs :) It looked like a fun time and I'm glad the weather cooperated just a bit so the kids could enjoy the outside egg hunt!


Rick Watson said...

My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail:) It looks like you guys had a great time.

Kerri said...

Kids do not care about a little cold weather...just us adults who are more than ready for some warm sun. My family emailed pictures of it snowing there this past weekend. I told them they should all move to sunny PA :)

Munir said...

First of all "Happy Birthday" to Jordan.

We had snow yesterday and day before. It is still on the grass. The paved areas are not too bad. Work is as usual, but yes grumbling customers and associates. We got spoiled I guess. LOL.

selvageedge said...

Anthony looks cute with that little basket, but I've got to admit that I'd search too if there was money involved. Is that one of your famous Texas sheet cakes in the bottom picture? Looks yummy. :)

Laurie said...

Fun times, as usual, at the Pines. Cutting grass one day and snowing the next. You just gotta love it.

Sweet Tea said...

I KNOW I'm not tough enough to live in the north, but what a beautiful pkace
In the sunshine or the snow. You guys are good sports and your Easter
Looks like fun.

Susan Anderson said...

Glad the weather was good for Easter.
Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!