Monday, September 28, 2015

The Edster

Every Sunday Jordan comes over to do his laundry and of course he brings our granddog Eddy..or the Edster...or Eddy Spaghetti...well, you get the idea.  He makes me smile every time.  He's such a sweetie.  I had to laugh when I saw Jordan sitting with his feet up on the ottoman and Eddy with his paw up there buds!
Sorry it's a bit blurry...I was in a hurry because I knew Ed would move as soon as I tried to click a pic!
Which he did because he really wanted to catch up on the news in our small town newspaper.   They always post dogs for adoption in there and maybe he was looking for a friend? 
I guess was a nice morning to just relax and take a quick nap! Thanks for the visit!  Sunday I also had to go to the fair grounds to pick up my photos that I entered.  I received a fourth place for one of my sunsets and a third place for a pic of a tree frog.
Would have really like to have placed better with my shots, but I'll take this!  I sure wish I could have captured the blood moon last night but clouds got in my way.  At least the world didn't end! 


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! I am thrilled to see granddog Eddy in this post. It's been ages since I've laid eyes on him and I appreciate you snapping some new pictures of him. Looks like his muzzle is getting as gray as my noggin. Tell Eddy if he's looking for a friend he can adopt me. I am very impressed with your photography exhibits, YaYa. My dad was quite a shutterbug and his favorite subjects were nature scenes and wildlife closeups like these of yours. They're terrific!

Thanks again for showing me the latest Eddy candids, dear friend YaYa. Enjoy the rest of your week!

betty said...

Congrats on 3rd and 4th place! I still think that is awesome!! How fun to have The Edster come for a weekly visit. (Kind of like grand kids, have them hang around for a bit and then send them home :)


joeh said...

Love the Edster!

Rick Watson said...

The Ed-a-later looks like he feels at home there at your house:) That is a beautiful dog.
You take great pictures. I would have thought they'd place higher too.
I'll give you a blue ribbon on the sunset.

acorn hollow said...

Ed seem like a very happy dog. Congrats on your pictures!

Kay G. said...

I am happy that you got awards for you photos! And we get to enjoy them on your blog!
We couldn't see the moon either. It had been dry for weeks and weeks with no clouds but time for the blood moon was a different story. Typical!
That Eddy Spaghetti (love the different nicknames!) looks like a super sweet dog. xx

Kim said...

It's great to see Eddie back at The Pines. I bet you miss him being around all the time